• Transform magazine
  • November 29, 2023



Three decades and counting: Wolff Olin’s first female global CEO interviewed

Sairahashman Photo (2)

From an eclectic upbringing to being the first female CEO of one of the most iconic brand consultancies, Sairah Ashman has undoubtedly climbed her way up. Elettra Scrivo caught up with her to discuss her three-decade...

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It’s time to get real about brands in big pharma


Joelle Friedland, co-founder and head of client service at creative agency, minds + assembly, writes that healthcare brands need to form relationships with people, both patients and physicians, rather than push functi...

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Five minutes with Stuart Wood

Stu Portrait2

Stuart Wood, partner and creative director at London-based design agency, Missouri Creative, spoke to Transform magazine about how brands can re-imagine their brand portfolios and positioning to remain relevant with c...

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Five minutes with Burke Miles

Burke Miles

Burke Miles, creative director at MOCEAN, the agency which designed the NBC Tokyo Olympics logo, speaks to Transform magazine about creating a logo that connects with the culture of the host city without being reducti...

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Postcard from Paris

Postcard From Paris

Gauthier Boche, VP of strategy and innovation for Europe at global brand design agency, Marks, speaks to Transform magazine about the distinctive aspects of brand design in Paris and more widely, in France. He explore...

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Postcard from Bath

Postcards From Bath

James Giles, owner and creative director of Sunhouse Creative, speaks to Transform magazine about the distinctive aspects of the branding industry in Bath, Somerset. He discusses the most noticeable design influences...

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Postcard from Amsterdam

Postcards From Amsterdam Website

James Lancaster, global brand experience lead at Reckitt, speaks to Transform magazine about the distinctive aspects of the branding industry in Amsterdam and, more widely, The Netherlands. He discusses the most notic...

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Looking like the real thing - celebrating plastic free beauty day

Plastic Free Top Banner

To mark this year’s Plastic Free Beauty Day, a day dedicated to challenging the use of plastic packaging in the beauty brands, Transform magazine spoke to three experts in the sustainable product a...

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Five minutes with Maria Cypher

Maria Cypher Transform Five Minutes With

Maria Cypher, co-founder and creative lead with U.S. naming agency Catchword Branding, speaks to Transform magazine about the ins and outs of naming, including unique challenges of company naming, the difference betw...

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The ethics of renaming

Laurel headshot

For many brands, it's way past time to re-evaluate their resonance in the 21st century. Laurel Sutton, linguist and co-founder of of naming agency Catchword, writes that the cost of renaming a company or product m...

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