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  • April 16, 2024


Transform Live Europe 2024


Transform Live Europe 2024

Transform Live Europe 2024



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Andrew Thomas
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United by music: How the Eurovision visual identity design helped 160 million hearts beat as one

In 2022, Ukraine won the Eurovision Song Contest. But the nation was at war and the hosting duties were passed down to the runners up, the United Kingdom.

Design Bridge and Partners was tasked with creating the brand and visual identity for Eurovision 2023, a challenge under normal circumstances but compounded by the need to reflect the unique situation caused by the Russian invasion.

In this session, Stuart Radford and Katherina Tudball discuss the vibrant, wider identity they created, designed to celebrate the power of music. Their aim was to capture the shared cultural experience that Eurovision brings to the world. Inspired by insight that experiencing live music together synchronises heartbeats, the Eurovision design is an expression of unity, highlighting 160 million hearts beating as one, and a declaration that music binds us all.

Design Bridge And Partners

Stuart Radford
Executive creative director
Design Bridge and Partners

Katherina Tudball
Senior creative director
Design Bridge and Partners


From brews to brands: Leveraging visual intelligence for category innovation

How can visual intelligence be applied to your brand and help transform a category? Using their experience in the beer sector, WPA Pinfold will demonstrate with real life examples how authentic brand stories can win the hearts and minds of your core consumers and beyond, not just in the brewing sector but for any brand. For the last four decades, WPA Pinfold have created more beer brands than any other agency and have won more Transform awards for this work than any other consultancy.

Wpa Pinfold (1)

Richard Hurst
Creative director
WPA Pinfold

Wpa Pinfold (1)

Myles Pinfold
WPA Pinfold


Just my type: Exploring typography trends for 2024

Font design has never been more exciting. The metaverse and AI are revolutionising typography by enabling dynamic, personalised and immersive experiences. In the metaverse, typography becomes interactive, adapting to user interactions and environments. AI-driven algorithms have the potential to analyse user preferences and behaviours to generate customised fonts and layouts in real-time, optimising readability and engagement.

In this session, Monotype’s Phil Garnham and Kerry Squires look into the crystal ball and explore what the future holds in the world of typography.



Phil Garnham
Executive creative director
Monotype UK

Kerry Squires
Senior brand designer
Monotype UK


Transform roundtable discussions

A dynamic exchange of ideas and perspectives. Engage with industry leaders and fellow attendees in interactive sessions designed to foster deep insights and meaningful conversations on all areas of brand strategy and design.


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Metropolitan resilience: How big city branding acts as a climate change catalyst

This session looks at how cities leverage their brand identities to drive sustainable initiatives, inspire citizen engagement and catalyse climate action. Vishnee Sauntoo shares how innovative marketing campaigns, strategic partnerships and strong brand strategies are influencing public perception and motivating behavioural change to shape a sustainable future for urban environments worldwide.

C40 Logo RGB 72Dpi

Vishnee Sauntoo
Director of brand, creative and digital content
C40 Cities


How Aviva developed a distinct and holistic brand sound concept and made it to the top three audio brands worldwide in just three years

Being instantly recognisable as a brand, even with your eyes closed: a dream for every marketer. Aviva made that dream come true in 2020 when it decided to develop its own brand sound together with the agency why do birds. A sound that tells the brand story, resonates with the wide target audiences in UK, Ireland, and Canada and has a high recognition value. However, as with any brand asset, implementation was key. Aviva achieved their audio branding success with clever internal communications and implementation tools that ensured the sound’s use across all brand touchpoints.

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Sally House
Brand design lead

Why Do Birds

Alexander Wodrich
Managing director
why do birds


How circular branding redefines design for sustainable innovation and impact

According to the Circle Economy Foundation, global circularity is declining, dropping from 9.1% to 7.2% in the past six years. Yet this transformative approach to economic activity with its aim to minimise waste and maximise resource efficiency by keeping products and resources in use for as long as possible has never been more important. In this session, Nick Liddell highlights the dynamic intersection between the circular economy and brand design, exploring how circular principles can revolutionise traditional design processes, offering opportunities for creativity, sustainability and brand differentiation.

Through captivating case studies and actionable insights, Nick will demonstrate how embracing circularity can enhance brand reputation, customer loyalty and long-term value.  


Screenshot 2024 02 22 At 16.19.38 (1)

Nick Liddell
Brand strategist
Baron Sauvage


Transform roundtable discussions

A dynamic exchange of ideas and perspectives. Engage with industry leaders and fellow attendees in interactive sessions designed to foster deep insights and meaningful conversations on all areas of brand strategy and design.



Lunch and networking


How design and tone of voice is shaping the growth of the no and low drinks sector

Through its recent in-depth research conducted late last year, integrated communications agency Boldspace published a perceptive research report exploring the language of the no and low-alcohol category.

In this session, Adam Larter shares the findings before discussing the outcomes and implications with a panel extremely experienced in the drinks sector in general and in the no- and low-alcohol sector in particular.

David Jenkinson: Drink design is very much central to David Jenkinson’s work at Pearlfisher, an agency lauded for its stand out work for Seedlip, a company that describes its work as "the world's first distilled non-alcoholic spirits”.

Myles Pinfold: Having won many awards for its drinks work, from beer to breweries, WPA Pinfold are increasingly looking at the no and low sector, with Myles Pinfold recently using Kombucha to help reshape the soft drink market.

This session will explore language and tone of voice, brand personality and brand purpose, and the importance of inclusivity within the brand.​

Pearlfisher (1)

David Jenkinson
Partner, design and experience

Boldspace Web Thumbnail (1)

Adam Larter
Strategy director


Myles Pinfold
Founder and director, brand strategy
WPA Pinfold


Empowering change: Employee-centric approaches to post-merger rebranding success

Clinical trial company Clario was formed from the 2021 merger of ERT and Bioclinica, a move which brought together 6,000 employees under a single umbrella. To successfully combine the two companies and bring employees along on the journey, Brandpie had to deliver a brand supported by effective internal communications. A four-part launch strategy was developed with the goal of helping staff understand the changes affecting their business. The results were felt internally as well as financially, with the company ranking as one of the top 10 workplaces in 2022 and improving its net revenue in the process.  In this session Brandpie will highlight the importance of focusing on the internal audience for successful brand transformation. 


Ludo Duursma
Managing partner, healthcare

Chris Holmes
Managing partner, culture


Into the arena: How big sports brands appeal to wide audiences in the modern era

The sports industry is becoming increasingly competitive, both on and off the field. The need to appeal to a global audience, while also paying homage to a club or organisation’s heritage, is a tricky balancing act. But, it can be achieved.

In this session, we find out how this challenge was met through world-class sports branding for two enormous organisations: Team GB and Borussia Dortmund. Scott Field will offer a client-side perspective of developing his company’s brand ahead of the Olympics, before DesignStudio’s Vinay Mistry explains how he evolved the identity of one of football’s most iconic and loved clubs.

Team GB

Scott Field
Director of communications and marketing
Team GB

Design Studio

Vinay Mistry
Executive creative director


Transform roundtable discussions

A dynamic exchange of ideas and perspectives. Engage with industry leaders and fellow attendees in interactive sessions designed to foster deep insights and meaningful conversations on all areas of brand strategy and design


Coffee and networking


Pep up: How PepsiCo is defining its next chapter through Pepsi’s new visual identity

Pepsi, the iconic global brand, unveiled a new logo and visual identity system last autumn, the first update of the iconic Pepsi globe logo in 14 years. This past month has seen the start of the implementation of the new brand throughout Europe, ahead of the brand's 125th anniversary. The new logo and visual identity pay homage to the brand's rich heritage while taking a big leap toward the future.

Parent company PepsiCo has long put design at the forefront of its business. In this session, MT Cassidy talks through the new brand system, how the new bold typeface, signature pulse and an updated colour palette mark a new era for Pepsi and how design is helping PepsiCo achieve its goal of a strategic end-to-end transformation that puts sustainability and human capital at the centre of its growth and value creation.



MT Cassidy
VP design, Europe


Brand purpose vs. brand meaning

For the past fifteen years the focus has been on brand purpose. The theory is that an organisation is better equipped to connect with its stakeholders if it can demonstrate a purpose bigger than just turning a profit. But is brand purpose overrated? Should we instead be focusing on brand meaning?

Recent research in the Harvard Business Review showed that nine out of ten employees would trade up to 23% of their lifetime earnings to have a job that was always meaningful.

In this session RBL Brand Agency, Head of strategy, Rhiannon Lowe argues brand meaning has more value than brand purpose and explains how a more meaningful brand can transform an organisation.



Rhiannon Lowe
Head of strategy
RBL Brand Agency


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Andrew Thomas
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Date: 17 April 2024

Timings: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM BST

Venue: The Brewery, 52 Chiswell Street, London, EC1Y 4SD, United Kingdom​​




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