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  • October 01, 2023


Transform Live Saudi 2024


Transform Live Saudi 2024

Transform Live Saudi 2024



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Andrew Thomas
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Unveiling 'Mo Universe': A journey into Right Grain's innovative brand creation and experience

Right Grain is a Saudi experience-based food and beverage company, developing and operating innovative concepts in food and entertainment experiences. This session focuses on the creation of Mo, a new bakery and espresso bar within its brand portfolio. Gene Branding helped Right Grain create the 'Mo universe,' with a unique shapeshifting design, and the integration of Latin and Arabic wordmarks in this stand-out piece of brand creation. Delegates will see how the power of experimentation, community interaction, and a well-distinguished brand system has earned praise from many quarters for its innovation and distinctiveness.

Right Grain

Right Grain


Full details of this session will be announced shortly

This session has been sponsored by Bellwether.


Transform roundtable discussions

A dynamic exchange of ideas and perspectives. Engage with industry leaders and fellow attendees in interactive sessions designed to foster deep insights and meaningful conversations on all areas of brand strategy and design. 

Choose from a range of topics including:

  • Audio branding – how can Saudi brands make sure their sound reflects both authentic culture and modern ambitions 
  • Building brand equity
  • How to create a brand name that tells a story  

Coffee and networking



Crafting differentiation: A timeless lesson in creating luxury brands and packaging

Charles Zuber is a high-end watch and jewelry maker; a recent addition to the world of luxury Swiss ateliers. This session will explore how an exuberant, bold visual identity and innovative packaging created a unique brand differentiation in a competitive market. Brand Lounge merged tradition with daring modernity, creating a brand that was hailed for masterful typography, a strong creative strategy, well considered brand development and stunning design.  


The power of sonic identity: Unveiling 'The Sound of Aramco' and the audio brand of alrajhi bank

When Aramco worked with MassiveMusic to create ‘The Sound of Aramco’, they developed a sonic logo, a sonic DNA and a library of over 25 branded music adaptations. This session focuses on the audio brands of Aramco and alrajhi bank, helping delegates discover the strategies and insights of audio branding, exploring how sound shapes brand identity and creates lasting connections with stakeholders.  


Transform roundtable discussions

An unrivalled opportunity for delegates to collaboratively discuss real-world brand strategy and design challenges. These sessions provide a unique opportunity to brainstorm solutions, share experiences, and collectively develop ideas. 

Choose from a range of topics including:

  • Saudi Arabia's rebranding efforts – shaping a nation's perceptions 
  • Making it personal – creating the right brand image and personality
  • The compound effect of visual and verbal identity   



Lunch and networking


Moving with the sector: Mubadala Energy's brand journey towards sustainability

Abu Dhabi-headquartered upstream oil and gas company Mubadala Energy needed to keep up with the global evolution in the energy landscape. Brand agency Omnia created a fresh, forward-thinking narrative in alignment with strategic goals. It created an innovative identity, symbolizing progress towards sustainability, with a vibrant palette that mirrored the company’s transition. 


Full details of this session will be announced shortly

This session has been sponsored by Landor & Fitch.



Transform roundtable discussions

Explore a range of different brand topics in our roundtable discussions. Attendees from various companies and industry sectors come together to share their expertise and experience. 

Choose from a range of topics including:

  • Cultural intelligence – transcending language to connect  and engage
  • Uncovering your brand differentiator 
  • What does good look like – internal and external success factors in brand development

Coffee and networking


Bridging the generations: embracing tradition and innovation with an established brand

Morouj Commodities is a leading food company in Sudan, with the Al Farasha rice brand one of its strongest brands. Skyne fused tradition with innovation to create a new brand strategy and identity that, while feeling contemporary, retained strong Sudanese roots. This session will help delegates with that age-old challenge of attracting a new generation of customers without alienating its existing base.


Full details of this session will be announced shortly

This session has been sponsored by All About Brands.


Transform roundtable discussions

Delve deeper into subjects that are relevant to you by participating in our roundtable discussions. These sessions encourage in-depth exploration of brand strategy and design issues, enabling you to deepen your understanding of specific trends and challenges.

Choose from a range of topics including:

  • Brand development in 2024 – emerging trends and predictions for the year ahead
  • Using sound to project your message and brand identity to an international audience 
  • Rediscovering your brand – focusing on your business model and realigning your brand to it

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Andrew Thomas
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When & where

Date: 17 January 2024

Timings: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM AST

Venue: Social Cafe & Roastery, Prince Turki St, King Saud University, Riyadh 12371, Saudi Arabia (subject to change)​​




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