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Entry process

Entering is simple!

Before you submit your online entry, you will need to have a single PDF document prepared for each of your entries (maximum 10MB for each entry). This should contain all of the four steps below.

In addition, if you are having difficulty deciding on the content, layout, and design of your entry, we recommend that you download the Transform Awards entry and information guide. This is a guide to help you decide what to include in and how to shape your submission.


Step one: Entry summary

> Provide a short 300 word summary of your entry The summary is used to brief the judges on your work.

Your summary should include:

  • Details of the category you are entering into*
  • A synopsis of the work
  • The project's relevance to the category it is being entered into.

If you feel this work is a perfect candidate and strong contender for more than one category, the summary should be tailored accordingly. 


Step two: Entry statement*

> Write a project summary statement of no more than 800 words

It is advised that this statement should cover the following five sections; industry context, challenge, strategy, creativity and result

  • Industry context - describe the market or industry context and where your brand/organisation fits into the given environment
  • Challenge - what prompted this brand work? What brief and criteria did it need to fill? What other factors and issues that led to it? What were the objectives for the project?
  • Strategy - explain the strategy driving the branding solution. Where did the idea/concept come from? What was the target audience? What research did you conduct and incorporate? What led to this approach?
  • Creativity - how was the work innovative? Did it trigger a reaction from the target audience?
  • Result - how did the results meet the goals? What was the outcome? How did the outcome live up to the idea? Were there quantifiable results and were there any anecdotal results?

*The most successful entries relate their results back to the original objectives. Although statistics can be impressive, there is no point trying to force them into the submission if they are not relevant to the brief.


Step three: Supporting materials* 

Supporting materials may be included to help the judges evaluate your entry. These may include:

  • Reviews
  • Media coverage
  • Additional information about your entry, organisation, project credits or third-party organisations that contributed
  • You may include up to two pages of written materials and three pages of images.
  • Videos. If possible, please provide a link to view the video content online. Please note, videos that exceed the recommended length of three minutes may not be viewed in their entirety.

*Although including supporting material is not compulsory, if it is included effectively it can make the merits of the entry more immediately apparent to the judging panel.


Step four: Web links (if applicable)

> You can supply up to three relevant URLs. Please provide passwords where access to links is restricted.

Please note that the organisers cannot be held liable to changes in entrants’ site architecture or changes that may take place between submission and judging.


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