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  • May 26, 2024



Postcard from Shanghai

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Kirsten Johnston, founder and CEO at independent design firm JWDK, discusses with Transform the branding scene in Shanghai, how the city’s culture informs her work and the project she is most proud of....

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Reenergising Bahrain: the rebranding of Bapco Energies

ICP Bapco Energies Overall 01

The discovery of oil and natural gas in Bahrain drastically altered the destiny of the Persian Gulf nation. But what does the rebranding of its state-owned energy company say about the future of the Kingdom? Jack Cous...

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On the line: the new London overground identity

LO Line Naming Mayor

London’s public transit system has just created six new lines on its already extensive public transit system. Andrew Thomas explains how history, diversity and storytelling were utilised in the naming process....

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Nature, beauty and history for everyone: The story of the National Trust brand

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From the seed idea of preserving British historic places and green spaces, the National Trust is now Europe’s largest conservation charity. Jack Cousins details the fascinating history, present and potential future of...

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The power of placemaking in building city brands


Public spaces connect neighbours, promote exercise, spark business investment and attract visitors. They can also improve mental health, air quality, safety and sustainability. Lisa Battles explores how placemaking in...

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Five minutes with Emma Lewis

Emma Lewis Emma Lewis 1180X1488

Transform speaks to Siegel+Gale’s associate strategy director, Emma Lewis, about the branding agency’s work with global marine geoscience and technology business Shearwater GeoServices....

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Healthy competition: The rebranding of PetLab Co.

Screenshot 2023 12 18 At 10.08.34

Many new brands tend to favour functionality as a means of expressing their identity. But in the pet industry things might have taken a wholesome turn. Jack Cousins explores how emotion was used in the rebranding of P...

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Five minutes with Tom Bellamy


Tom Bellamy, executive creative director at SocialChain, talks about the power of embracing a creator-led approach to engaging audiences across digital platforms and how, as an agency, they were able to bring the game...

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Igniting the retail revolution

Screenshot 2023 12 14 At 09.48.32

Throughout Africa, an e-commerce revolution is stirring. David Benady explores how brand design helps differentiate competitors and meets the needs of diverse audiences....

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Michael Wolff – leap before you look. The Zen of Branding

Leap Before You Look Cover

Renowned British graphic designer and brand consultant Michael Wolff teamed up with NB Studio’s independent publishing house and writer Tom Lynham to create his biography. The book follows Wolff’s beautiful design wor...

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