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  • July 29, 2021



Brand purpose for a changing society

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After a year of social and political upheaval, marked by economic uncertainty, brands have to ensure their purpose is at the heart of their communications. Elettra Scrivo examines the way major international brands ar...

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The Cannabis Industry Needs PR


Neil McLeod, director of strategic communications at The PHA Group discusses what the development of an independent UK cannabis industry, an increasingly likely event, will mean for PR....

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Brand transformation in a transforming region


Ashish Banerjee, executive director of trategy, CEEMEA, at global branding agency Landor&Fitch, writes that as countries, particularly in the MEA region, transform, so should brands. Data proves that brand-led tra...

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Branding the intangible: How to give solid personality to things that aren’t there

Thinkfarm Cover Photo

With most brands, you can pick them up, smell them, wear them, consume them. But how do you create a strong identity for something that’s completely intangible? Stephen Izatt, managing director at strategic branding a...

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Brand management in the age of hyper personalization

Sandeep Das (002)

As consumers increasingly engage with their brands on a personal level and brands have unprecedented access to consumer buying behaviours, brand offers have become hyper-personalised. However as Sandeep Das, senior pa...

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Back to Basics or Brave New World?

RM Feature 21 Aug 01

The recent Gartner CMO survey put brand strategy back on top of marketers' agendas. But, as Richard Monturo founder and chief strategist of Monturo Marketing discovered, it’s still a little too soon to be celebrat...

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The power of logic & magic

1Melbourne Quarter 01 Signage And Wayfinding Locker Graphics

'How do you go about creating meaningful transformation for clients?' 'How can you create a brand that will deliver on strategic objectives, creatively engage with your audience and bring about an elevated...

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All that glistens...six experts discuss Australia's new identity

Australia Rebrand

Creating a new brand identity is not an easy feat, especially if that identity is made to represent an entire country, its culture and traditions. Australia's latest rebranded national identity, which breaks from...

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Sustainability: Not a Message, THE Message

Fredrik Jansson (1)

With sustainability at the heart of social changes around the world, brands have been under increasing pressure to adopt echo-friendly ethos. Fredrik Jansson, chief Strategy & marketing/communications officer at...

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Luxury brands at the time of Covid-19: towards a new humanism?

Luxury Rands Covid19

Dr. Federica Carlotto, luxury insight specialist, explores the ways in which luxury brands have responded to the Covid-19 pandemic with a renewed sense of empathy and focus on humanness, taking initiatives ranging fro...

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