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  • December 07, 2023



Say what you will: How brands leverage verbal identity to build authentic connections


Visuals attract. Verbals engage. So say brand language experts who caution against overlooking a huge opportunity to build brand equity through codifying and leveraging verbal identity. Lisa Battles reports best pract...

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From humble beginnings

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If a brand’s past glistens with charm, it may then be leveraged to help with differentiation. But how can this be accomplished without the brand becoming a mere dusty museum piece? Jack Cousins investigates....

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So what’s next?

Screenshot 2023 11 28 At 10.46.40

Transform chats with Nick Monkhouse, co-founder of global branding and design studio A LINE, about Beyond Tomorrow, a conversation series which saw his agency speak with ‘change-seekers’ to help illuminate the future...

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Postcard from Waltham, Massachusetts

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Bob Fitzgerald is the creative director at US-based independent marketing and communications agency Boathouse. He discusses with Transform the branding scene in Massachusetts, the challenges of modern design and how t...

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The royal treatment

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Atlantis’ latest Dubai venture – a resort touted as the most ultra-luxurious in the world – required a bold identity to match the impressive new property. In a city filled with the most lavish destination brands imagi...

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Rolling with it

THC Case Interior 02

Image credit: Terrane Group Brands in the high-growth US cannabis industry stay on their toes with an eye on the future amid ever-changing cultural perceptions and regulati...

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Postcard from Riyadh

Screenshot 2023 10 16 At 16.15.06

Ahmed Al-Abdullatif is the CEO and creative director at Saudi Arabian strategic creative consultancy Gene Branding. He discusses with Transform the vast changes that have occurred in the Riyadh branding scene in recen...

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Peter Arnell: Making it matter

Screenshot 2023 11 08 At 12.10.41

In his new book, Peter Arnell Portfolio 1980-2020, the renowned brand strategist, artist and author showcases his work with iconic brands. In the following extracts, Arnell provides rich insights into his groundbreaki...

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Electric ensemble


Designers who created the new DraftKings Network identity believe they have discovered a new and better way of crafting brands. But what is this new process of intensive collaboration and creativity? Jack Cousins repo...

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Location, location, location: How brands conquered the world

Screenshot 2023 10 02 At 14.54.36

One of the great adventures for a modern brand is venturing overseas to be enjoyed by people all around the world. But with a multitude of cultural barriers standing in their way, this is harder than it looks. Jack Co...

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