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The judges

The Transform Awards Europe will be judged by a panel of industry experts across a multitude of sectors. We have purposely looked for a panel that has experience of and knowledge in branding, marketing, corporate communications and advertising for a wide perspective. The judges mark the entries against a criteria that correlates to the information asked for in the entry statement. The scoring is done on a points system and the judges score anonymously. Winners are determined by the scores they receive and only entries scoring high enough marks will reach the shortlist and win a trophy.

Each year we invite the previous years winners of the Transform Awards 'Grand prix' and the 'Best overall visual identity' to join the panel. This opportunity will be open to the 2021 winners of these awards too for our 2022 programme.

Below you can see some judges on our 2022 panel and we are currently on the hunt for more judges for the  panel. If you are interested in the opportunity and believe you have the necessary background to be a judge for the Transform Awards Europe 2022, please email Beth Wilkie.

Louise Ayling
Head of Brand and Creative
Teach First

Andrew Barraclough
Vice President of Design

With a Design career spanning two decades, Andrew has revolutionised the role of design within several major multinational organisations.

Beginning his career in packaging design, Andrew’s passion has driven his progression to his current position as the global Vice President of Design at GSK.

With roles across product development, brand management and specialising in  design management and innovation, Andrew has had first-hand experience  of proving design can make a marked difference.

Andrew’s fundamental belief is the importance of creating holistic customer experiences that are brought to life through bringing together world class design and fearless innovation. Throughout his career, Andrew has maintained this stance, and it has served as the secret to his success.

With executive design positions in some of the world’s most prestigious companies, including Reckitt Benckiser and  Novartis, Andrew joined GSK in 2011, and has continued to  push the boundaries of the perception of design and the role it plays in the customer experience.

Being an exceptional design leader, he has brought design at GSK into an industry leading position by building, fostering and leading a global design team. His core strengths combine creating a shared ambition with high performance team leadership. His integrity and honesty enable Andrew to inspire those around him.

In Andrew’s opinion, design is currently a tool that is yet to be fully utilised. If used to the greatest potential, design can drive more than consumer admiration; but measurable business performance, increased brand performance and strengthen brand equity.

Chris Booth
Creative director
LEGO group

Chris has been in the creative industry for over 20 years, working on branding, campaigns, concept development and shopper / retail marketing. As Associate Creative Director at The LEGO Group (London) he is also responsible for team development, creative education and helping to recruit new, diverse talent into the Agency.

Kristian Brugts
Group Head of Brand
Ocado Group

MT Cassidy
VP design

Lisa Cheung
Director of Brand Marketing & Creative Services

Chris Davis
Creative Director
Red Stone

Chris is Creative Director and co-founder of Red Stone, an award-winning design studio specialising in brand development and behaviour change. With over 30 years of industry experience, Chris heads up a talented and skilled team that helps companies discover their ‘hidden nuggets of gold’ and builds strategies to reach and engage with audiences. Clients include the Bank of England, British Business Bank, Centre for Ageing Better, Drinkaware, Girlguiding, Money & Pensions Service, World Hepatitis Alliance, WRAP, YoungMinds, and ambitious disruptors like Collectiv Food.

Maxime Derrien
Brand Strategist

Maxime is a Brand Strategist at Twitter, passionate about creating meaningful ideas & campaigns on behalf of the world’s top brands, such as adidas, Mondelez, Square Enix, as well as organisations making an impact for good.

After five years working at Twitter, both in Paris and London, Maxime has led on campaigns that not only had a substantial business impact and won industry awards, but also genuinely sparked conversations and interest, within their audience and beyond.

Jude Gay
Vice President Design
JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Hamish Goulding
Head of Global Brand Strategy & Creative

Hamish has spent the last 9 years evolving and executing HSBC’s famous “global-local” brand strategy. From iconic global airport campaigns, to major sport sponsorships, to immersive sustainability activations, he then led the development of the Brand’s global reboot; ushering in a new era for the Brand’s strategy, creative, visual and sound identity. Recently he developed the shift to more locally-led brand strategies, and helped the company define its wider Purpose & Values for the next generation. An alumni of the J Walter Thompson graduate programme, he previously worked across a number of Brands & Categories from beer, to chocolate bubbles, to B&Q.

Helen Jones
Creative Director

Helen has over 20 years' experience in the creative industry. From starting up ad agencies to working at the big hitters, her career has covered all areas of advertising, experiential, film and social content. More recently she has gone in-house to set up a creative agency for Shelter, where she leads a team of talented creatives, producing work that rivals the very best out-of-house agencies.

Rose Liendl
Group head of brand

I’ve spent almost 16 years in ‘the world of brand’ and am grateful to have found my tribe early in my career. Brand strategists are a curious bunch who need to delve, unpick and get as close as possible to a brand. It’s this innate curiosity that’s led me to work with businesses including Google, Three, and Drax.

When not discussing the intricacies of brand strategy and explaining how it’s really ‘the glue’ of any business, I’ll probably be debating climate change. The world needs to act, and we must collectively embrace the challenges to reach critical net zero targets. Fortunately, my views align with the ambitions of Drax, where I’m very proud to work. As the UK’s largest renewable power generator, Drax is committed to tackling climate change head on. By harnessing Bioenergy with Carbon Capture Storage (BECCS) technologies, we’re aiming to go beyond net zero to reach carbon negative status by 2030.

Away from work, you may find me pondering life at Tate Modern, or very likely hanging out with my super-groovy dog, Louis (100% Poodle).

Sectors and experience include both B2B & B2C spanning renewable energy, technology, telecoms, media, digital video, brand design, professional services, healthcare, higher education (fashion and design) and public sector - across EMEA, Asian and American markets.

Katarzyna Malinowska
Senior marketing manager
Suez UK

Thuy Tao
Brand Strategist

Thuy is a public speaker and a brand strategist at TikTok Europe, advising both clients and agencies on how to create the right content for the right audience in the right way. As someone who used to aspire to be a writer/journalist (Thuy won several writing competitions in the past, i.e. European competition for the best essay, Prague Writers Festival), she is obsessed with good storytelling and all things creative.

Stephanie Toumazis
Brand development strategist

Ollie Winser
Creative Director
National Theatre

Ollie was appointed as Creative Director of the National Theatre’s Graphic Design Studio in 2014 and is responsible for the design output across the whole organisation, which reaches a global audience through live and digital.


Ollie leads a small but multi-talented team to create work that respects the NT’s graphic design legacy whilst keeping it relevant and engaging for an increasingly diverse contemporary audience.


Besides design, Ollie thrives on searching out amusing place names and attempting to make his garden grow.


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