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  • May 26, 2024



Tiny sounds, massive impact: The power of sonic branding

Laura Woźniak Senior Project Manager

Laura Woźniak, senior project manager, EMEA at MassiveMusic, discusses the power offered by sonic branding, and explains how brands can use audio cues to make a lasting impact....

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From tradition to innovation: Navigating Saudi Arabia’s branding revolution

Rashad Pic 1

Rashad Moglbay is the general manager of Bold Brands, part of The Bold Group. He discusses here the rapidly changing branding landscape in Saudi Arabia, and explains how a talent-driven workforce will drive market lea...

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Ethara: A rebranding triumph in the regional entertainment landscape

Andrew Stass Brand Marketing & Communications Director Ethara

Andrew Stass, brand marketing & communications director at Ethara, discusses how his company’s brand was conceived in a merger between Abu Dhabi Motorsports Management and Flash Entertainment....

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Angus’ A-Z of logos: Juventus

Angus Monthly Article J (1)

Pentagram partner and creative director Angus Hyland explains his appreciation for Italian football club Juventus’ revised club logo in his latest monthly Transform column on the A-Z of logo design....

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The evolution of branding: from surface to substance with conscious branding

Mateusz Zabierowski

Mateusz Zabierowski, CEO and co-founder of global branding agency Admind, sets out how to shape a future where branding and communications contribute to a more sustainable and equitable world....

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Sound is the key for brand differentiation amidst Saudi’s wave of transformation

Julia Dos Santos Cropped

Julia dos Santos, director of partnerships MENA at MassiveMusic, explores the difficulties brands have differentiating themselves in Saudi Arabia at present, and explains how sonic branding can help break down these b...

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The politics of music or the music in politics

Alexander Wodrich Managingdirector

Alexander Wodrich, managing director at why do birds, takes a look at the fascinating history of audio in American politics. With a seismic election fast approaching, he asks what role music can play in mobilising the...

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Have we forgotten the power of positioning? Not here at TOTEM

Colin Byrne 1

Colin Byrne, creative managing director at TOTEM, explains his agency’s approach to positioning brands, and how this leads to better outcomes for clients. With origin...

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The silly fear that's crippling your B2B brand effectiveness

Mreaction Headshot

Tim Craig, managing director at integrated marketing agency mReaction, explains why the world of B2B brand design must be met with courage, not caution. Every evening...

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Why luxury brands are becoming storytellers and art curators (and you should too)

The Boundless Headshot

Gaby Granier, senior strategist at Boundless Brand Design, describes how she is able to craft high quality design for luxury brands. Luxury defines what is desirable,...

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