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  • February 29, 2024



Humanising your brand: A guidebook

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Brian Elkins, executive director of strategy at Monigle, discusses the idea of humanising brands and how doing this can help aid a brand’s connection with its audiences....

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Building lifelong fans: why experience design matters so much


Steve Pearce, managing director at LOVE, explains the importance of brand experiences and how they may be leveraged to convey trust. How often are brands given the ch...

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Good brands serve customers. Great brands serve employees too


Lauren Tannenbaum is the SVP, practice lead at US-based brand consultancy Joe Smith. She discusses here the necessities of building an authentic employer brand in a time of chaos....

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How can brands do better for perimenopausal women?

Sara Jones, Free The Birds

For World Menopause Month, Sara Jones, co-founder and business director at creative agency Free The Birds and specialist in global beauty, health and lifestyle brands, discusses the significance of the market and how...

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Redesigning a legend

Andy Lipscombe

Andy Lipscombe, director of brand strategy at FreshBritain, discusses the benefits of brands understanding the difference between history and heritage, and why brands which leverage the latter can come to be loved....

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Angus’ A-Z of logos: Dunkin’ Donuts


Pentagram partner and creative director Angus Hyland takes a look at the irresistible history behind Dunkin’ Donuts in his latest monthly Transform column on the A-Z of logo design....

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Don’t be afraid of the ‘B-word’

Duncan Shaw Bio Photo 2020 Bw

Duncan Shaw is the co-founder and chief creative officer at independent global branding agency Living Group. He explains the importance of law firms utilising brand and how this can lead to greater standout if done ri...

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The rise of biophilic design

Seraphine Suau

Seraphine Suau, strategic designer at Perth-based BEVIN Creative, explains how incorporating natural elements into design projects can improve the physical and mental health of individuals....

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Minimalism vs. maximalism in personal care brand design

Marilyn Tjitra

Marilyn Tjitra, co-founder and creative director at Singaporean branding and creative agency Kiilat Creative, discusses how personal care brand design is a balance of functional and sensory appeal for diverse markets....

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Beautiful consistency

Vincent Roffers High Res Copy (1)

Vincent Roffers, partner and head of strategy at Agenda, explains how sometimes the best brand design can be found in simplicity and consistency, and offers advice on how to best achieve that....

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