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  • July 15, 2024



Learning from the Lions

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With Cannes Lions 2024 drawing to a close, Transform magazine editor Jack Cousins looks back at his favourite moments from the festival. Insightful, rip-roaring, hect...

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Brand evolution tells the story of us

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James Brooke, managing director at Rooster, discusses the brand evolution of the UK-based comms agency, and why its latest identity draws on the company's past. A...

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Angus’ A-Z of logos: Kodak

Angus Monthly Article K

Pentagram partner and creative director Angus Hyland discusses Kodak’s modern logo and how nostalgic sentiment inspired it. In the final episode of the first series o...

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How brands can help save the planet - new ways to think about growth

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Bobbie Galvin, brand researcher at FreshBritain, takes a look at the work of Decathlon-owned mountaineering brand Simonds, and the way companies are starting to reimagine the metrics of corporate success....

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The significance of cultural nuances in design

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Bassel Kanounji, associate creative director at Omnia, discusses how cultural nuance can aid connections between brands and their audiences. Of the 223 nationalities...

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The strategic efficacy of brand visual characters in marketing

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Sameh El Tawil, chief creative director and managing partner at Hive Innovative Group, Dubai, discusses the importance of brand visual characters, and offers a deep dive into his agency’s work for LikeCard’s Cards&#39...

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Brand will be the next great export of the Middle East

Hisham Lahouasnia

Hisham Lahouasnia, founder and executive director at Freedom, discusses how ambitious and long-term orientated Middle Eastern brands are starting to influence global industries....

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Tiny sounds, massive impact: The power of sonic branding

Laura Woźniak Senior Project Manager

Laura Woźniak, senior project manager, EMEA at MassiveMusic, discusses the power offered by sonic branding, and explains how brands can use audio cues to make a lasting impact....

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From tradition to innovation: Navigating Saudi Arabia’s branding revolution

Rashad Pic 1

Rashad Moglbay is the general manager of Bold Brands, part of The Bold Group. He discusses here the rapidly changing branding landscape in Saudi Arabia, and explains how a talent-driven workforce will drive market lea...

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Angus’ A-Z of logos: Juventus

Angus Monthly Article J (1)

Pentagram partner and creative director Angus Hyland explains his appreciation for Italian football club Juventus’ revised club logo in his latest monthly Transform column on the A-Z of logo design....

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