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  • April 22, 2024



Unlocking success: The crucial role of robust brand strategy and purpose in rebranding a national energy company

Interstate Headshot

Matteo Di Iorio, associate partner, creative and brand at Interstate Creative Partners, discusses his agency’s project with Bahrain’s state-owned energy company, Bapco Energies....

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Brands are everything, everywhere, all at once

Landor Headshot

Jovan Buac is the executive director of marketing and growth EMEA at Landor. He offers readers three simple rules that he applies in his work when designing brands to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding world....

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Brand transformation. Everyone’s talking about it, but are they really doing it?

Brand Potential Headhot

Josh Hunt, managing director at global brand agency Brand Potential, believes the word ‘transformation’ is overused in the context of rebranding. He explains what a real brand transformation is all about....

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Angus’ A-Z of logos: I ♥︎ NY

Angus Monthly Article I

In his latest monthly Transform column on the A-Z of logo design, Pentagram partner and creative director Angus Hyland explains his love for the iconic I ♥︎ NY logo....

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Should we have a say in other people’s designs?

David K BW 2022

David Kimpton, founder and executive creative director at London-based design consultancy Kimpton Creative, talks about the discourse surrounding the rebranding of WHSmith and Lyle’s Golden Syrup. If we don’t know all...

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Decoding the philosophy of luxury

Timaa 512

Fatima Zara Patel, strategy consultant at Brand Lounge, explains her tactics when approaching design projects for luxury brands. Luxury is more than just a lifestyle;...

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Why brand capital is the silent force behind business success


Sholto Lindsay-Smith, director and head of strategy at international brand and business consultancy Industry, discusses the often forgotten importance of brand capital and why strong brands perform better in tough tim...

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Brand activation – survival of the nurtured

Janis Verzenieks Corebook T

Janis Verzemnieks, co-founder and CEO of the brand guidelines platform Corebook°, explores the intricacies of brand activation, highlighting a key insight: in the survival of brands, it's not just the fittest...

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How do you measure the value of a brand?

Jim Misener CEO President 50K

Jim Misener, chief executive officer at global brand consultancy and creative agency 50,000feet, discusses his agency’s strategies for measuring a brand’s value and how understanding this metric can help businesses....

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Surviving and thriving in the evolving petcare market

Jessica Carter

Jessica Carter, account director at strategic brand design agency StormBrands, which recently collaborated on Pets at Home’s new health and wellness range, talks about how brands need to behave in the new ‘animal king...

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