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  • July 03, 2022



Why we need to design for more friction, not less

Stuart Barnes Truenorth Square

Stuart Barnes, strategy director at independent brand and design consultancy, True North, explores the importance of friction in brand design. He argues that agencies need to proactively build-in imperfections and fri...

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M is for Mediocrity: Why Facebook’s rebrand won’t avert disaster

Adam Sefton Headshot BW 856X682

Adam Sefton, digital strategy director at global brand agency, Superunion, explores how Facebook’s rebrand to Meta reveals the mediocrity of a social media platform which has uninspiring spam as its most popular conte...

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25 Years of Sonic Branding

Screenshot 2021 12 22 At 14.50.28

Daniel M Jackson, partner at sonic branding agency, Sonicbrand, explores the changes he has witnessed in the last 25 years of sonic branding and what the future of the industry holds....

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Aural sculpture – next year brands will shape virtual sounds of the future

Reduced Image

Vijay Iyer, CEO North America of sonic brand agency, amp, explores the 2022 trends in audio branding. These include how brands will extend their sonic brand strategies into virtual worlds and how sound branding will e...

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Why R&D should be the beating heart of every creative business


Dave Dunlop, partner and chief design officer at ELSE, an experience design consultancy in product and service innovation, writes about the importance of research and development (R&D) in the creative world. Dunlo...

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The Hundred-Branding cricket for the digital age

Phil Garnham

Danielle Smith, design director at global brand agency, FutureBrand, and Phil Garnham, creative type director at type foundry Monotype, explore the challenges of creating a brand for a heritage sport such as cricket....

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Words to play by: How national anthems in sport express identity and strengthen place branding

IMG 1975

Victoria Pullen, consultant and copywriter at Paris-based branding and word design agency, JoosNabhan, explores how national anthems sung by fans during sport matches crystallise a sense of shared national unity and...

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What’s the Meta with you?

Tomrobinson BW

Tom Robinson, global chief strategy officer at brand agency Superunion uses Facebook's rebrand to Meta as a springboard to explore the significance of rebranding as a moment of change....

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Are all brands entertainment brands now or do they still have something to learn?

Picture 1

Scott Lakso, executive producer at branding agency loyalkaspar, writes how all brands, whether financial or medical, have a lot to learn from entertainment brands. The most important lesson brands can learn from enter...

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Gram Glam: Food brands don’t need to reinvent the wheel to have impact on Instagram

Thomas Herman 1200X1200px (1)

Thomas Herman, co-founder and marketing director of creative agency, Path, explores how to construct a food brand that is as good for eyes as it is for appetite through a visually-led and coded strategy that creates d...

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