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  • October 01, 2023



Strategists and creatives – AI can’t take your job. But it might make you suck at it

Mark Diamond (1)

Mark Diamond, ‘hopeful saboteur’ at London-based brand agency Saboteur, offers a razor-sharp rebuttal to the idea that AI is set to replace brand designers anytime soon. But, as Diamond argues, that doesn’t mean the i...

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Listen up: How sonic branding can drive growth for MENA brands

Pierre Carnet MM Profile Picture Final

Pierre Carnet, managing director at MassiveMusic Dubai, discusses the power of audio branding and explains the untapped potential of sonic branding in the MENA region....

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Rewrite to get it right

David Kirkland

David Kirkland, executive creative director and co-founder of KNOW Creative, describes how his agency’s free roaming nature allows it to ruffle feathers and create value for its partners....

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Mastering the art of AI

Sebastianklein Headshot BW

Sebastian Klein is the co-founder and creative director at global design agency Ochre. He assesses the benefits of AI while also recognisable the hefty challenges it presents to the world of brand design....

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AI inspo and the future of font pairing

Thumbnail 54A8960

Terrance Weinzierl, creative director at Monotype, discusses how AI can transform the daily workflow of designers by providing fresh, informed inspiration in font pairings, and how it aids the speed and quality of fon...

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What does it take to successfully localise a brand for the Asian market?

Ryan Molloy

Ryan Molloy is the CEO of full-service digital marketing and e-commerce agency RedFern Digital. He explains why it is important for brands to localise in Asia and discusses the various ways brands can be taken serious...

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Brands for lives


Paul Docherty is the creative director at Skyne, Dubai. He discusses his agency’s projects with Sudanese brands Morouj and Al Farasha, and how they imbibe the unique culture of their home nation....

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Do you dare to be a brand design optimist?

Sasu Haanpää

Sasu Haanpää, head of design at change agency Ellun Kanat, urges us to seize opportunities and push for change with meaningful brands. In today’s world it’s...

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Eastern branding consultancy challenges: creating context

Ovidiu Strugaru

Ovidiu Strugaru, delivery director at innerpride branding, shares his agency’s method of breaking away from the misconception that an advertising campaign and a brand are the same thing....

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Challenging the future to be different from the past

1HQ Kostas Konstantinou

Kostas Konstantinou, creative director at global brand specialists 1HQ, discusses the importance of constantly evolving strategic thinking, as demonstrated in projects undertaken with Lipton Tea Polska and Twister Myt...

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