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  • October 01, 2023



Hospitality branding: current trends and how branding can lead to venue success

Naomi Ross Headshot

Naomi Ross, director at Sydney-based social media, marketing and design agency Distil, discusses how branding might be one of the ways companies within the hospitality sector can stand out from competitors and garner...

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How Primark is tapping into consumer sentiment to win this Christmas

Thumbnail Stephen Ardern Square

Stephen Ardern, managing director at British brand agency Continuous, discusses his company’s latest project with Primark, and how the work was informed by the UK’s economic woes....

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Is your DTC brand recession-ready?


With the US economy enduring a tricky spell, partner and creative director at Big Day, Peter Sayn-Wittgenstein, describes how DTC brands can make the most of these difficult times....

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The golden age of packaging is in the digital age

Philip Hwang

Philip Hwang is head of strategy, APAC at global brand experience agency SGK. He argues that digital commerce has given packaging more—not less—freedom to stand out than ever before. And that great marketers know how...

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Inertia is the ultimate enemy for any brand

EF Daniel Wade (1)

Daniel Wade, co-founder of creative agency EveryFriday, argues that consumers are rethinking their spending habits during these economically difficult times. He discusses how brands can move their audiences into actio...

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First aid for brands

Alice Dall Design Bridge

Alice Dall, strategy director at Design Bridge Singapore, makes a case for creative strategy in brand (re)design. When it comes to first aid, there is a helpful mnemo...

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How to stand out amongst seasonal sameness in Southeast Asia

Rachel Barton Design Bridge

Rachel Barton, senior strategist at Design Bridge Singapore, advises on what counts as effective seasonal packaging. With brands quick to throw away their distinctive assets at this time of year, she believes they are...

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Smarter recession marketing takes an investment in brand and creative

LT31 SK1 6223 (EDIT)

Greg Gibson, partner and CCO of independent creative agency Grizzly, explores why leading with your brand can be the difference between surviving and thriving during an economic downturn....

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Advice to new brands: find investors that bring more than money

Adrienne Little Co Founder And Rising

Adrienne Little, co-founder of London-based agency And Rising, questions the importance of venture capital to emerging brands in the current market compared to the wisdom investors can bring....

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The dynamics of modern design


Landor & Fitch’s president of APAC, Jonathan Cummings, and former CCO, Tim Greenhalgh, discuss how modern design can reflect the needs of contemporary society, business and brands in Asia today....

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