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  • October 01, 2023



GemLife: branding for an aging population

Gemlife Studio LM 5775

Andrew Coulter is the director of sales and marketing at GemLife, which provides luxury resort living for over-50s throughout Australia. He discusses how the company adapted its offerings to fit the needs of a modern...

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The need for collective solutions in difficult times

Charlieskinner 2022

Charlie Skinner, strategy director at Conran Design Group, explains why purpose is best seen as a way to unify first and drive profits second – and why some brands are still missing the point....

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Acting up or barely acting?

Graham L&F Background Blue

Graham Sykes is the executive creative director at Landor & Fitch. He argues here that the days of brand tokenism are over, and that brands must step up and create genuine, positive change now....

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‘Do the right thing’: how brands can improve the wellbeing of UK consumers

Phil Rowley Hi Res

Phil Rowley, head of futures at OMG UK, explains how brands can play a fundamental role in boosting UK consumers' wellbeing. The UK is facing a mental health cris...

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The cost-of-living crisis should be a wake-up call for brands

Mike Fantis Hi Res

Mike Fantis, VP and managing partner at London-based DAC Group, argues brands should be doing more for local communities in the cost-of-living crisis, or risk damaging their reputation....

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Make your digital customer journey a powerful tool in your brand building efforts

Logo SEEN Black 2022

Ronald Griffin, Karl Cavalli-Björkman and Joachim Medalen of Nordic agency SEEN explain the benefits of video personalisation for brands, allowing them to reconnect with a disenfranchised modern audience....

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Beware of the Dancing Bear

Opinion Piece Pic

Principle Global’s brand strategy director, Adrian Pring, and managing director, Nicholas Griffin, believe everyone is looking to ‘digital’ as the way forward in brand experience. They see it as ‘an ingredient in the...

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Why we are reconsidering the existence of our clients and their brands

DSC 5190

Ash Phillips and Miro Laflaga, founders of Montreal-based strategic design agency Six Cinquième, discuss the important role agencies play in helping companies think differently about their existence beyond profit...

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The death of equity: disposable branding

Gregg Headshot Horizontal

Gregg Lipman is the managing partner at New York-based CBX. He discusses here the use of the word ‘equity’ in the branding world and describes how his agency simplifies the concept....

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Designing for good, change from the inside out

Thumbnail Profile Photo Amber Bonney B+W

Amber Bonney is the founder and head of strategy at Melbourne-based The Edison Agency. She discusses the creation of her branding agency, how it remains committed to transforming and inspiring, and why it is worth emb...

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