• Transform magazine
  • June 21, 2024



Invisible stories


Meg Beckum, executive creative director at global design consultancy Elmwood, discusses the pivotal role of healthcare design in connecting minority narratives. Imagi...

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Think big, but execute in small windows

Scott Markman B&W (1)

Scott Markman, president of MonogramGroup, argues the importance of brand integrity, as demonstrated through the use of branded Zoom backgrounds. As brand consultants...

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Design and cross-cultural dimensions


ADinB’s creative director and partner, Hala Sabbagh, argues for the importance of cross-cultural thinking in the MENA region. Design has always solved problems, but t...

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Angus’ A-Z of logos: ABBA

Angus Monthly Article A

In the first of his monthly Transform columns on the A-Z of logo design, Pentagram’s partner and creative director, Angus Hyland, explores the logo origins of everybody’s favourite Swedish band, ABBA....

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How to confidently validate a new idea


Greg Calacouris, strategy lead at Work & Co, explains why starting with a hypothesis to test with research can get you to a great product faster. When research ge...

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The evolution and significance of branding

Mark Rollinson

Mark Rollinson, chairman of Abu Dhabi-based creative communications agency All About Brands, explores the history of branding and what it means for marketing today. B...

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Why untethered brand design is the magic to creating customer-centric experiences

Rick Nugent

Rick Nugent, head of design and innovation at Omnia, discusses the importance of brand designers untethering themselves from everyday assumptions. So, another year… a...

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The fear factor: Why brands dread change

Ibrahim Lahoud ( Strategy Director & Head Of Insight)

Ibrahim Lahoud, strategy director at Dubai and Riyadh-based consultancy Brand Lounge, explains why brand owners may worry about adopting change as well as how brand experts can overcome these doubts....

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Web3 in action: Skyne presents real-life cases of future-forward branding

Dennis De Rond

Dennis de Rond, founder of international strategic branding and design firm Skyne, discusses the Web3 movement and how his agency successfully utilises these technologies for clients. Recently, at the Transform Awards...

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Finding awesome

Vincent Roffers High Res Copy

Vincent Roffers, partner and head of strategy at independent brand agency Agenda, discusses the difficulties B2B brands face, before offering advice on how they can make their brands unmistakably ‘you’....

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