• Transform magazine
  • February 26, 2020



Opinion: Do words still matter?

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Donkey's years ago when Mr. B. Gibb opined "It’s only words, and words are all I have," was he devaluing one of the most precious things known to mankind? Only words! Bloody hell, Barry! Words are sometimes all you need, says...

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Opinion: Will brand UK be affected by Brexit?


How will brand UK and its largest organisations be affected by Brexit? Tom Adams, global head of strategy at FutureBrand, which organises the annual Country Brand Index, dissects Britain's nation brand...

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Opinion: How membership organisations can build stronger brands

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Customer testimonies are an old and popular way of waving a flag for your organisation, and in today’s age of digital marketing and sharing, they have become a powerful, and often double-edged, force. Yet few membership organ...

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Opinion: How does brand implementation impact on the bottom line?


At most branding events, there is a creative buzz in the air. The creative brand agencies are the ones that are celebrated for the development of strong visual identities and inspiring values. However, It was interesting to a...

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Opinion: How can brands choose the best product names?

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A brand name is the cornerstone of its positioning, the hook on which to hang its unique proposition and the definition of the brand’s distinctive tone of voice. It performs a ra...

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Opinion: Rebranding for a new generation

Tim Priestman.jpg

Some brands rely on what has worked in the past, instead of looking to the future. Vince Kerrigan discusses the importance of rebranding for a new generation. Recent expansive re...

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Opinion: Why are brands focusing on consumers, again?


Customer experience has become more important as brands, B2B and B2C alike seek to make their offer more diverse and more carefully catered to the needs of their stakeholders. Cameron Gunn examines this evolution...

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Opinion: "A tale of digital transformation and tech-washing"

Andy Budd Headshot.jpg

Digital transformation is essential, but it's not always easy. Andy Budd says that companies must commit if they want to see results. Digital transformation is a well-discussed t...

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Opinion: Thinking differently in the oil and gas sector


The oil and gas industry is in a state of flux. With oil prices at their lowest for decades, there is a need for urgent and decisive change. Although years of high prices allowed companies across the supply chain to operate p...

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Opinion: "Investing in the Future"


Brand environment is a worthwhile investment, argues Micheal Longmore. But it's nothing without the right proposition to back it up. Why do some retail concepts thrive while othe...

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