• Transform magazine
  • April 16, 2024



Inertia is the ultimate enemy for any brand

EF Daniel Wade (1)

Daniel Wade, co-founder of creative agency EveryFriday, argues that consumers are rethinking their spending habits during these economically difficult times. He discusses how brands can move their audiences into actio...

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First aid for brands

Alice Dall Design Bridge

Alice Dall, strategy director at Design Bridge Singapore, makes a case for creative strategy in brand (re)design. When it comes to first aid, there is a helpful mnemo...

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How to stand out amongst seasonal sameness in Southeast Asia

Rachel Barton Design Bridge

Rachel Barton, senior strategist at Design Bridge Singapore, advises on what counts as effective seasonal packaging. With brands quick to throw away their distinctive assets at this time of year, she believes they are...

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Smarter recession marketing takes an investment in brand and creative

LT31 SK1 6223 (EDIT)

Greg Gibson, partner and CCO of independent creative agency Grizzly, explores why leading with your brand can be the difference between surviving and thriving during an economic downturn....

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Advice to new brands: find investors that bring more than money

Adrienne Little Co Founder And Rising

Adrienne Little, co-founder of London-based agency And Rising, questions the importance of venture capital to emerging brands in the current market compared to the wisdom investors can bring....

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The dynamics of modern design


Landor & Fitch’s president of APAC, Jonathan Cummings, and former CCO, Tim Greenhalgh, discuss how modern design can reflect the needs of contemporary society, business and brands in Asia today....

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Is there a new love story between brand and demand marketing?


Jacqueline Alexis Thng and Dency Cheng, respectively a partner and senior engagement manager at Prophet, explain their company’s approach to brand and demand marketing and how the right balance can be struck between t...

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The emotional effect of the voice in effective sonic branding


Johanna Cranitch, creative director at MassiveMusic, makes the case that the human voice could be the most effective instrument for a company’s sonic brand. Sonic Bra...

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Genuine transformation requires genuine stakeholder engagement

Peta Q

Peta Quirk is the strategy partner and co-owner of independent strategic consultancy Brand Council. She argues that when it comes to tangible transformation, it’s critical to understand each of your stakeholders’ genu...

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Failing to implement your brand consistently, is consistently implementing failure

Kylie Gould

Kylie Gould, director and founder of Australian graphic design studio Creatik, discusses the crucial importance of adopting a decent brand implementation plan. We all...

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