• Transform magazine
  • February 29, 2020



Opinion: "Investing in the Future"


Brand environment is a worthwhile investment, argues Micheal Longmore. But it's nothing without the right proposition to back it up. Why do some retail concepts thrive while othe...

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Opinion: "Best and worst brand strategies behind TV idents"

alasdair B&W%5b4%5d.jpg

Following a year of numerous television rebrands, Alasdair Lennox looks at the role idents continue to play in the communication of a TV brand. Television branding is no longer t...

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Opinion: The unsung heroes of brand transformation

Max Speigelberg.jpeg

Brand implementation specialists are the unsung heroes of the brand development journey, says Max Spiegelberg You will have heard of Lewis Hamilton.  You may know Sebastian Vette...

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Opinion: How can brands build stronger communities through social design?

jeff povlo.jpg

The ways in which people connect to each other and to their environments are fundamentally changing. The use of public spaces, dominance of mobile, social media, explosion of live events and other factors are affecting this....

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Opinion: Craft beer and branding

Screen shot 2015-12-11 at 4.03.51 PM.png

It’s curious that in an age of digital, one of the most intriguing media at the moment is a small piece of gummed paper – the beer label. Craft beer is a symbol of the age. It ha...

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Opinion: "Employer vs. corporate brand"

Diccon Ward.jpg (2)

As more and more companies begin to implement employer brand management strategies, Diccon Ward asks, how does the employer brand relate to the wider corporate brand? Since the p...

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Opinion: "The journey to build corporate purpose"

Nic Appetite 2.jpg (1)

Employers and employees expect more, says Nicolas Mamier. A sense of purpose is crucial Companies in every sector are recognising a changed dynamic in the employer/employee relat...

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Opinion: "Coherence over consistency"

Phil Morley bw.jpg (1)

Blind consistency is not necessarily conducive to diversity, says Phil Morley “If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking.” George S Patton I have a confession....

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Opinion: "How do you get your CEO to embrace the power of an employer brand?"

Ingrid Brown.jpg (1)

Measuring the success of your employer brand strategy could help with senior buy-in. Despite this, companies are largely failing to employ effective measurement in this area, says Ingrid Brown...

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Opinion: "Keep in touch"


Remote needn't mean disengaged. Technology is helping employers connect with hard to reach employees, says Sheila Parry Out of the office, on the road, working at home, having a...

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