• Transform magazine
  • February 29, 2024



Has naming been given a bad name?

Daniel O Hara Landscape

Daniel O’Hara, brand voice director at London-based agency Dragon Rouge, describes the big mistakes branding agencies make when it comes to the art of naming. The wor...

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The dirty world of purpose-washing


Founder of brand transformation agency OPX Studio, Frances Jackson, makes the argument that branding agencies have a crucial role to play in holding unethical, uncaring businesses to account....

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Why all brands must create community experiences in the post-lockdown era

Dan Whetstone Headshot

Dan Whetstone, associate director at retail design specialists Lumsden, argues that, as the world emerges from the Covid-19 lockdowns, everyday brands need to provide meaningful in-store experiences to create communit...

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Hidden depth – when big brands undergo subtle identity change

Jesse Swash

Jesse Swash, co-founder of London-based agency Design By Structure, explores how seemingly small changes within established brands, like BMW, can give us clues of the enormous changes which are to come in an industry....

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How to grow trust with down-to-earth farmers

Wendy Headshot

Wendy Unger-Moore, international marketing director at Kramp, explains how she discovered that authenticity is the key to cut through with an agri-audience. If you’ve...

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Is your web challenge a symptom of a greater business opportunity?

Brandpie Opinion Piece

Joanne Kerr and Paul Campbell, strategy partner and digital partner respectively at Brandpie, explain how digital thinking from the creation of a business can save a lot of time and money in the future....

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The intersection of sustainability and profit = brands

Landorfitch Lucspeisser Full Image Dark Blue

Luc Speisser, global chief innovation officer at Landor & Fitch, explains why getting consumers to believe in sustainability initiatives will elevate brand reputation and generate revenue. He shares five lessons f...

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Why we need to design for more friction, not less

Stuart Barnes Truenorth Square

Stuart Barnes, strategy director at independent brand and design consultancy, True North, explores the importance of friction in brand design. He argues that agencies need to proactively build-in imperfections and fri...

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M is for Mediocrity: Why Facebook’s rebrand won’t avert disaster

Adam Sefton Headshot BW 856X682

Adam Sefton, digital strategy director at global brand agency, Superunion, explores how Facebook’s rebrand to Meta reveals the mediocrity of a social media platform which has uninspiring spam as its most popular conte...

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25 Years of Sonic Branding

Screenshot 2021 12 22 At 14.50.28

Daniel M Jackson, partner at sonic branding agency, Sonicbrand, explores the changes he has witnessed in the last 25 years of sonic branding and what the future of the industry holds....

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