• Transform magazine
  • June 05, 2020



Racing toward a smoke-free future


Altering its corporate narrative while changing the societal perception of its products has required Philip Morris International to go all in on R&D, brand positioning and communications. Brittany Golob reports fr...

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Place branding: Liverpool


With a year in the spotlight in 2008, Liverpool made headway in terms of changing its place brand. Now, over a decade on, it is reevaluating that strategy to prepare for a more collaborative, representative future pla...

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Five minutes with Denny Tu


In launching Imax’s global brand campaign, ‘Film to the fullest,’ Imax CMO Denny Tu talks through the development of the campaign, Imax’s brand positioning and how to reach a global audience through immersive experien...

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Timeline: The Discovery Channel


In an age of mindless reality entertainment and personalities as programming, the Discovery Channel has found a balance between its original mission and the demands of modern television. Its branding has been recently...

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Brand experience: Galeries Lafayette


Pursuing a strategy that transcends the use of digital as a simple tool or tactic, France’s Galeries Lafayette is creating a new kind of retailer that unites the digital and physical worlds to ensure a more authentic,...

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Focus: A is for Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan_poster_horse and painting.jpg

Transforming how Azerbaijan was perceived as a tourist destination, and ultimately as a nation, was a task that Landor took one with creative energy, combining strategic insight with a simple idea to represent a compl...

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Spotlight on Greater Anglia


With the upcoming launch of a major infrastructural change, Greater Anglia needed the support of a new brand and communications strategy. Its rebrand introduces a brand character, a range of flexible assets and a clea...

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Spotlight on IET


For the Institution of Engineering and Technology, any new brand would have to be flexible, impactful and relevant for multiple audiences around the world. Brittany Golob reports on the organisation’s fresh approach t...

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From trend to tradition


Crafting a brand that engenders a loyal following throughout the years is not a simple matter of data and design, it requires a keen sense of self and the commitment to stay true to that core positioning, whatever the...

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Brand in action: Fat Llama


Leading llama Who: Fat Llama and Koto DesignWhat: Digital borrowing marketplace Fat Llama is kind of like a llama. It’s a bit unusual, it’s whimsical and it’s hardwor...

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