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  • April 14, 2021



Taking flight

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Crafting an airport experience that can both ground people in a sense of place while providing relevant information relies on semiotic-driven design to succeed. Brittany Golob investigates visual identity, architectur...

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The type writer: Emotion-driven typeface design

-8 typewriter.jpg

Bruno Maag discusses type as a conveyor of emotion Early humans appeared about three million years ago, evolving into homo sapiens about 300,000 years ago. Despite ou...

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Insight TV rebrands to expand global footprint


High-definition, 4K broadcaster and content creator Insight TV teamed up with CapeRock, a media design agency, for a rebrand that would reflect its growth and enlarge its global footprint....

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Internationalising Islamic bank brands


Banks in the Middle East are contending with a changing financial industry, the introduction of digital-first brands and a young, global population. Antonino Lupo reports on the tensions between traditional banking an...

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Five minutes with Helen Normoyle

Helen Normoyle.jpg

As the marketing director at British pharmacy giant Boots, Helen Normoyle has had to contend with the changing high street, the rise of lifestyle brands and a corporate rebrand in managing Boots’ marketing strategy. W...

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Brand profile: Generator

-Miami Exterior.jpg

Building a lifestyle brand on the foundations of a popular hostel chain has allowed Generator to rebrand, rename and reposition to support its shifting objectives. Brittany Golob reports on the tourism brand’s growth-...

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Peer perspectives: Kate Spade


Fashion house and lifestyle brand Kate Spade has announced a new identity with the launch of its spring 2019 collection, blending pink and the brand’s iconic spade. Created in-house, under the guidance of new creative...

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Focus: Drowned and delivered

mccann 2.png

Needing to raise the stakes around the resilience of small businesses, Business in the Community worked with McCann Enterprise on a campaign that brought its messaging to life, before destroying it, in a series of emo...

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Focus: Heart and soul


In the centre of central London stands the entertainment mecca of Leicester Square. It developed a new brand, with the support of Lantern, to address challenges and craft a new narrative...

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Focus: Birds and the bees


Communicating about sexual health and contraception planning in a human way required a new, consumer-facing brand for the FPA. It worked with IE Brand to launch Sexwise, a brand founded in conversation, colourful imag...

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