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  • October 24, 2020


#NewBrandMonday: 7 September

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Here are this week's selection of newly launched brands from around the world. For more from #NewBrandMonday, follow @Transformsays on Twitter.





Beefeater Gin

London-based creative agency Boundless Brand Design worked with UK gin producer Beefeater to develop a vibrant and bold identity for the new Beefeater RTD range (London Dry Gin & Tonic and Pink Strawberry Gin & Tonic) appealing to premium gin drinker. With the RTD market booming globally Beefeater’s a standout design that would capture quality, refreshment and consumer’s attention when on supermarket shelves. The strawberry coloured premium packaging , which includes bespoke illustrations and patterns, does just that. While the visual identity remains true to Beefeater’s branding it also emphasises the new unique proposition of RTD, which attracts a range of new, younger consumers. While the new combinations are canned, they still retain the finesse and high quality of other Beefeater’s gin bottles.




LA 2028

Los Angeles launched its logo for the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games, a bold logotype ‘LA 28’ where the letter ‘A’ is adaptable and has, for now, 32 different representations created by different actors, artists and athletes, to convey what the city means to them. Huge names in the music, cinema and sports, including Billie Eilish, Reese Witherspoon, and Michael Johnson world participated in the  project, coming together around the tagline ‘every ‘A’ tells a story.’ Each logo includes a film featuring the designer, who discusses his/her interpretation of the brief. Witherspoon’s ‘A’ reflects the colour of Californian poppies and the natural works of art, while snowboarder Chloe Kim’s logo featuring snow clouds and gradients conveys winter and summer, and good vibes. Founder of streetwear brand The Hundreds, Bobby Hundreds creates his A by using intertwined hands, to emphasise that LA’s greatest quality is that it leads through diversity. The logo was made for the digital age, with animations of it showing the static logo with the A constantly changing, something which allows for the brand to stay fresh and keep its relevance in the upcoming years leading to the Olympics date.  LA2028 organisers are working with a range of creative partners, such as Media Monks, Stink Studios, Giant Spoon and Nike’s design team.




Pumpd by New Edition

Auckland-based creative agency Marx Design created a fresh and vibrant visual identity Pumpd by New Edition, a brand that makes sustainable and affordable breast pump and sanitiser range. Made with natural formulations, sustainable material and less packaging New Edition is deliberate in its efforts to reduce waste. The fun and amusing  brand personality that includes straplines like ‘Give your nipples the night off’ ‘Meet your other little sucker’ and ‘Shit just go real,’ in bright bold letters, helps to completely normalise the idea breast pump, which is at times still stigmatised. The quirky leaf symbols, used just like emoticons, personify different humours depending on where on the packaging they are found