• Transform magazine
  • June 21, 2024


Living Group rebrands legal assistance non-profit organisation

Partners Top Banner

International branding agency, Living Group, worked with Partners, a non-profit organisation based in New Jersey that provides legal assistance to the victims of domestic abuse, to develop a new brand identity.


Both the New York and London teams of Living Group volunteered in the project as part of their ‘Action & Words’ pro bono programme, with the aim of creating a new brand that would transform Partner’s perception and allow them to continue to give support to some of society’s most vulnerable people.

As part of the initial discovery research, Living Group spoke to victims of domestic violence to hear the real life stories of how Partners for Women and justice had changed their and their families lives by providing legal assistance in courts. This resulted in a shortening of their name, from Partners for Women and Justice, to Partners, as the organisation now offers legal services to all genders.

Living Group also developed a brand tagline, transforming lives through justice, and positioning that would work in both English and Spanish. The strategic messaging (emerge safer, emerge braver, emerge stronger) was crafted to give the survivors of domestic violence hope that their is a brighter future ahead.

The new logo features a strong curve of the P, which reflects the values of partnership, perspective and protection, and aims to symbolise the organisation’s ability to turn people’s lives around from trauma to transformation. This positive theme was further enhanced with imagery of each of the target audiences, treated with an offset double colour treatment with the aim to show the transformation that could be achieved by seeking help from Partners.

The new brand aims to attract new volunteer pro-bono lawyers who will gain an unparalleled experience by obtaining invaluable in-court legal experience.