• Transform magazine
  • June 05, 2020


Fulham Palace’s new identity reveals time in layers of history

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London’s Fulham Palace has a history going back thousands of years. Creative agency Design Culture has conceived a new brand identity to introduce it to the public, allowing the palace to move an important step towards brand recognition.

Fulham Palace has relaunched to mark the end of its £3.8m restoration project, chasing a clearer relationship with its public.

The palace’s identity, which carries the signature of Design Culture, comes with a new name, adding ‘House & Garden’ to its original denomination. It includes a new logo and a responsive website, bringing the garden’s past and present together within a digital space. ‘Revealing time through layers’ is at the core of the brand idea, and layering is reflected across the new brand as a whole, from typography to illustration and language.

Before the announcement, Fulham Palace has faced the snares of brand discoverability, struggling to find clear identity and relevance to the audience’s eyes. From a grand palace to a football team, Design Culture’s research has unveiled a number of audience misperceptions of Fulham Palace, which have proved useful to build a more defined identity during the design process. The botanic garden aims to become financially self-sufficient by 2025, and the new brand is a way to promote the renovated museum and historic rooms, built to connect the audience with the history of the palace.

The new brand highlights all relevant offers for end users and visitors, online and offline, showing efforts to communicate the palace’s interest in discovering its own history, and a vibrant love for its past. It will allow Fulham Palace to stand out amongst its competitors, leveraging the confidence of its new brand to offer the audience a wide range of new experiences.

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