• Transform magazine
  • March 28, 2020


Firefox transforms to build privacy and customer focus into its identity

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Firefox has announced a new logo for its existing range of products, from web browser to mobile apps, building its new identity on the importance of privacy for end consumers.

To emerge from the crowd of other tech companies, Firefox’s new parent brand focuses on customer experiences and stands for the entire family of its products and services. The brand comes with a new logo, showing the ‘fiery fox’ against a purple gradient background, and it will be followed by a new version of the web browser in the following months.

The new identity reiterates Firefox’s historical focus on consumer privacy. Through its announcement blog post, the company has stated the importance of safe and private experiences on the internet, at a time when users are demanding basic consumer protections to be increasingly respected and guaranteed around the world.

With more privacy-centred products, Firefox helps its users control their online experiences, and this new identity will be the first step towards an evolution of the company’s products and services. The new web browser will enable enhanced tracking protection by default, working in the background to limit third-party access to consumer data.

The new logo discards most of the former fiery fox to leave a minimalistic tail, in shades of orange and violet. The tail now circumnavigates an invisible globe, reminiscent of the company’s old logos, made transparent to blend with the violet background. The design is founded on Firefox’s four branding pillars – radical, kind, open, opinionated – which are at the base of the company’s business ethos and communication practice. It includes new colour palettes, shapes and typeface standards, conceived with accessibility in mind to make the brand open to everyone.

Firefox’s move echoes the company’s 2017 rebrand and its ethical approach to an open Internet. The company believes in the open source web and in a healthy Internet experience, and the announcement of its new parent brand is in line with the company’s past, setting the grounds for additional, confident brand statements in the near future.

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