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  • September 27, 2023



Do you dare to be a brand design optimist?

Sasu Haanpää

Sasu Haanpää, head of design at change agency Ellun Kanat, urges us to seize opportunities and push for change with meaningful brands. In today’s world it’s...

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Eastern branding consultancy challenges: creating context

Ovidiu Strugaru

Ovidiu Strugaru, delivery director at innerpride branding, shares his agency’s method of breaking away from the misconception that an advertising campaign and a brand are the same thing....

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We are family

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Tony the Tiger. Kool-Aid Man. Hamburglar. Mascots have played a significant part in major brands' storytelling through the decades. Now, after a small hiatus, new brands are introducing their own family of charact...

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Challenging the future to be different from the past

1HQ Kostas Konstantinou

Kostas Konstantinou, creative director at global brand specialists 1HQ, discusses the importance of constantly evolving strategic thinking, as demonstrated in projects undertaken with Lipton Tea Polska and Twister Myt...

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Science: the secret ingredient of a successful pharmaceutical brand


Katie Vanhoutte, head of strategy at FutureBrand Paris, explains how and why pharmaceutical brands are adapting their visual identities to fit an ever-evolving landscape....

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Surprising Stories - your agency has more stories to tell than you think

Screenshot 2023 02 28 At 150513

Alex Blyth is the managing partner at PR agency Red Setter. He explains the exciting and innovative ways that agencies can garner media attention. “We don't have much...

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Little Big Brands repositions Touchstone Pistachio Company

Screenshot 2023 03 24 At 14.04.37

Having decided to become its own brand from once being a private label, Touchstone turned to New York-based branding and package design firm Little Big Brands to craft a new brand positioning. In developing the taglin...

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The art of the standout

Will Miles Edits 4

Will Miles is a copywriter at London-based independent creative agency bandstand. He discusses the difficulty modern brands have in our noisy world of standing out, before explaining solutions to this issue....

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Communicating a brand

Massimiliano Rottoli

Massimiliano Rottoli is the global director of RS PRO brand and data at industrial solutions firm RS Group. He discusses here the importance of effective communication for a brand’s long-term success, as he has seen a...

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Kindness or mindless?

BERGET Pierre BE DANDY MB07338 S.Color

Pierre Berget is founder and creative director of Paris-based branding agency Be Dandy. He argues there's too much goodness in a world of bad eggs. If every brand wants to save the planet then they may end up bori...

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