• Transform magazine
  • November 30, 2022



Let’s Dance

Anthony Miles

Anthony Miles, managing director at brand and design agency BOND writes that for business and marketing leaders, the greatest test of our time is not how fast you can run, but how well you can dance....

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Why the world’s leading esports company turned to traditional sport to find its sound

Untitled Artwork 17

Andie Richardson, senior account and project manager at MassiveMusic, talks through an exciting project her agency undertook with esports company ESL. She describes the challenges along the way, as well as why the age...

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Finding joy

Thumbnail Wesleymeyer Fra

Wesley Meyer, design director at f.r.a., discusses the new demands on wayfinding in the post-pandemic world and how this is further influenced by the advent of AI. He demonstrates solutions to these new problems in th...

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Why understanding your audience is key to delivering commercial value to sponsors

Simon Smith Wright

Simon Smith-Wright is the CEO at leading revenue generating streaming partner, Push Live. In a world where potentially lucrative sponsorship deals are attainable again for brands post-Covid-19, he discusses, amongst...

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How the Digital Age is influencing identity design

Mo Saad (Band Lounge) Digital Age

Mo Saad, head of design and creative impact at Dubai-based Brand Lounge, describes how brand identity is evolving in modern times, and how it might change further in the future with the advent of the metaverse....

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What to do when you win?

Thumbnail Lobber Levin

Lobber Levin, senior strategic writer at Scandinavian consumer brand agency Everland, explains the power of being a rebel brand and the pitfalls to avoid once you succeed in your mission....

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Designing for the Sensory Revolution: Insights from the Pentawards Spring Festival


The Pentawards was founded in 2007 to recognise excellence in global packaging design. Following its recent digital Spring Festival, its marketing manager, Jennifer Clements, talks Transform readers through new insigh...

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How user experience sound design can benefit your product and brand


Ruslana Kruchek, co-founder of VP Production audio agency in Odessa, Ukraine, analyses the ways brands can utilise sound design. She also argues it is worth doing for reasons of inclusivity, capturing an audience’s at...

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Winners of Transform Awards India 2022 announced

TA India Winners 2022

Celebrating the transformative power of rebranding and brand development for the first time in India, the Transform Awards India highlighted an array of the highest quality of work. Transform magazine can officially a...

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How brands can empower people to care about nature

Peter Johnson & Emma Chandler Opinion

Peter Johnson and Gemma Chandler, managing director and content director respectively at Creature and Co., discuss how the climate crisis has further stoked the flames of the nature crisis. But what’s the difference b...

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