• Transform magazine
  • July 18, 2024



How the rapidly changing consumer market is changing the nature of branding


Yong Ng is the creative director at Singaporean agency Somewhere Else. He discusses here the tension between consumerism and the environment, and how brands in the modern day must offer consumers more....

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A rebrand has great power. Will Musk make the most of it?

Claire Huxley

Claire Huxley, strategy director at Design Bridge and Partners, analyses the revolutionary nature of Twitter’s shift to X. Another week, another Elon Musk headline th...

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What if X marks the spot?


Jonathan Ford, founder and group creative director of global brand design agency Pearlfisher, explains why Twitter’s controversial rebrand to X might be the right move amid ‘media hysteria’....

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Now that Twitter’s gone, do you really want to hang out with an X?

Mark Diamond (2)

Mark Diamond, ‘hopeful saboteur’ at London-based brand agency Saboteur, discusses the power of brand Twitter, and whether it is really worth forgoing. The Twitter bra...

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Angus’ A-Z of logos: British Rail

Angus B

In his latest monthly Transform column on the A-Z of logo design, Pentagram partner and creative director Angus Hyland takes a nostalgic look at British Rail. Some of...

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Navigating the internet of (too many) things: contending with digital fatigue


Why are consumers really turned off by your content - and how can you turn them back around? Michael Bartley, executive creative director at Indigo Slate, a Zensar company, explores how putting human authenticity and...

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Why women’s sport shouldn’t try to be like the Premier League

Jon Crane

Jon Crane, client and commercial director at London-based brand design agency FreshBritain, passionately discusses the uniqueness and intrigue of women’s sport, and why its brands must forge their own paths....

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Hiring a PR agency? How to set it up for success

Vicky Stoakes PREFERRED

Vicky Stoakes, communications director at design focused PR agency Red Setter, offers insights and learnings to agency leaders on how best they can go about hiring a PR agency....

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How to nail a rebrand


Hamish Campbell, VP and executive creative director at branding and design agency Pearlfisher, explains the five key considerations to keep in mind when rebranding. W...

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Sound strategy for brands in a sound on world

Jeannaisham August2020 Web 5684

Jeanna Isham, sound strategist and sonic brander at Dreamr Productions, states the case for ‘sound on purpose’ in an already noisy world. Have you ever walked down Ho...

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