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  • March 03, 2024



The art of the standout

Will Miles Edits 4

Will Miles is a copywriter at London-based independent creative agency bandstand. He discusses the difficulty modern brands have in our noisy world of standing out, before explaining solutions to this issue....

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Communicating a brand

Massimiliano Rottoli

Massimiliano Rottoli is the global director of RS PRO brand and data at industrial solutions firm RS Group. He discusses here the importance of effective communication for a brand’s long-term success, as he has seen a...

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Kindness or mindless?

BERGET Pierre BE DANDY MB07338 S.Color

Pierre Berget is founder and creative director of Paris-based branding agency Be Dandy. He argues there's too much goodness in a world of bad eggs. If every brand wants to save the planet then they may end up bori...

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FutureBrand refreshes Nesquik brand mascot

Nesquik 2 Quickys World

Having been reimagined for a digital future by the global brand transformation company, Quicky’s new purpose and role revolves around being an ally to parents and having an active voice in important topics, including...

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What 1,000 CEOs say about purpose – and why activation is what matters most

Iago A

Iago John, senior consultant at independent consultancy Brandpie, discusses the interesting results from Brandpie’s 2022 CEO Purpose Report, and how purpose now guides strategy....

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Freedom and brands

Alex Clegg Saboteur

Alex Clegg, co-founder of London-based independent brand studio Saboteur, discusses how addressing freedom may lead to building stronger brands. At Saboteur our missi...

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The one thing that makes a branding agency stand out

Screenshot 2023 02 28 At 15.05.13

Alex Blyth is the managing partner at PR agency Red Setter. He makes the case here that specialisation is the one sure way for brand agencies to make a splash. It’s h...

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Marques out of ten

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Angus Hyland is partner and creative director at global design consultancy Pentagram. He underlines the importance of logos to brands which, in recent times, may have been forgotten....

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A kick-start for start-ups: good branding

Written By Matteo Di Iorio, Associate Partner, Creative & Brand

Matteo Di Iorio, associate partner at Interstate Creative Partners, provides insight on how adopting a good strategy and a strong brand identity is crucial for start-ups....

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Brands as acts of leadership

Christian Headshot

Christian Purser, CEO at Interbrand London, argues purpose (or brand leadership) should become a key consideration for brands seeking future success. This year, again...

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