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  • April 16, 2024



Principals designs brand for Australia’s new Biodiversity Council

Biodiversity Council

Aiming to be recognised as the peak scientific voice for Australian biodiversity, it tasked the agency with designing a brand which could simultaneously garner credibility as well as demonstrate the vibrancy and varie...

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FutureBrand creates brand identity for Sydney waterfront precinct

Western Sydney Lakes 1

Western Sydney Lakes, the new waterfront leisure, lifestyle, recreation and business destination located on the banks of the Nepean River, appointed FutureBrand to design a brand which could realise its vision of beco...

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Inertia is the ultimate enemy for any brand

EF Daniel Wade (1)

Daniel Wade, co-founder of creative agency EveryFriday, argues that consumers are rethinking their spending habits during these economically difficult times. He discusses how brands can move their audiences into actio...

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Creative Spark designs identity for Café Del Mar’s spirit range

Both 01

With the iconic Ibizan bar launching its own range of spirits, it sought the help of Manchester-based strategic branding agency Creative Spark to design a visual identity that could encapsulate the character of the Me...

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First aid for brands

Alice Dall Design Bridge

Alice Dall, strategy director at Design Bridge Singapore, makes a case for creative strategy in brand (re)design. When it comes to first aid, there is a helpful mnemo...

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How to stand out amongst seasonal sameness in Southeast Asia

Rachel Barton Design Bridge

Rachel Barton, senior strategist at Design Bridge Singapore, advises on what counts as effective seasonal packaging. With brands quick to throw away their distinctive assets at this time of year, she believes they are...

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Cutwater creates playful campaign for petcare brand Hartz

Cutwater Hartz Delectables Deliciously De Lick Able Delectables Campaign 1

The San Francisco and New York City-based brand agency was tasked with designing a campaign for Hartz-owned wet cat treats brand Delectables, which Cutwater achieved by debuting an orange tabby as the all-new hero cat...

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Oat brands new British comedy festival Laughterama

OAT Main Header Image

With the help of illustrator James Daw, the design studio’s work hoped to convey the lively and unique nature of Castlefield Bowl, a venue in Manchester where the five-night festival was hosted in September. The disto...

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Turner Duckworth refocuses Newman’s Own brand

Screenshot 2022 12 02 At 11.52.18

With the Connecticut-based food company having given all its profits to charity over the past four decades, Turner Duckworth’s role in the project was to introduce a younger generation to the philanthropic endeavours...

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Smarter recession marketing takes an investment in brand and creative

LT31 SK1 6223 (EDIT)

Greg Gibson, partner and CCO of independent creative agency Grizzly, explores why leading with your brand can be the difference between surviving and thriving during an economic downturn....

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