• Transform magazine
  • December 05, 2019


Free The Birds Roams in Scandinavia

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Brand consultancy Free The Birds has created branding, packaging and a launch campaign for Scandinavian male grooming range Roam, which launched last week in Norway and Sweden and is set to launch in the US next year.

Free The Birds created the brand name to reflect the brand vision “to widen every man’s horizons about his life and personal style” via a hair and beard styling range created by hair salon professionals.

Aimed at adventurous, free-spirited men, the brand identity is dark green and gold globe icon, designed to be strong and elegant. The packaging’s colour palette is inspired by nature’s elements and the metallic finish is a visual cue for quality, according to the agency.

The brand world is designed to spread from the pack outwards: the name, identity and vision brought to life across packaging, in store, website and social media, it added.

Joachim Schwartzbach, vice president of Roam’s brand owner, IC Scandinavia, said: “This is a new chapter for us. A brand-new brand with a unique personality. Everything around Roam speaks its own language and has its own look. It’s not just a brand, it’s a world.”

Paul Domenet, communications creative director at Free The Birds, said: “We have created not just the brand itself but its persona across social media and in the real world. It’s ready to roam anywhere. Throughout, the guiding principle has been to give the brand room to react and grow as the market evolves – allowing Roam to keep pace with consumers who are always looking forward, always on the go.”