• Transform magazine
  • November 29, 2021


Allstate rebrand reaffirms provider’s leading industry position

Allstate 3.png

Since the 1950s, America’s second largest personal lines insurer, the Allstate Corporation, has confidently affirmed that its customers are in good hands. Its service offering contributes to over 5% of market share, racking up over $30bn in direct written premiums since 2014. Yet the Illinois-based insurance provider’s branding has consistently reflected its inclusive, customer-focused brand ethos, one that translates to approximately 16 million households nationwide.

Its recent rebrand illustrates the company’s commitment to its slogan, ‘You’re in good hands,’ reworking logo visuals to encompass a more decorated and deeper presence. Introducing a more organised and colourful wordmark, Allstate’s new identity retains the centrality of its blue palette, only now the company slogan sits below in turquoise. Remaining most noticeable, Allstate’s blue hands are now inverted, departing from the blue and white of old to a more detailed logo accented by white lines.

Traditionally, Allstate’s principle typography has, however, remained closely tied to its formative design – using a humanist sans serif and a distinctively slanted ‘A’ across several historic logo designs. Its newest alterations hold on to the wordmark’s structure, yet offer a bubblier effect, widening both the lowercase ‘t’s’ and altering the lowercase ‘a’ considerably.

The move coincides with Allstate’s advertising delving into new territory. Since 2004, the provider’s popular TV spots have long featured American actor Dennis Haysbert. Its newest advertisements welcome new celebrity faces, confidently asking questions to the audience such as, ‘Are you in good hands?’ Hopes of appealing to a millennial category are also reaffirmed by its new identity featuring more vividly across the brand’s digital assets, including its highly successful inventory-like Digital Locker app.