• Transform magazine
  • February 23, 2020


Davidstow Cheddar cheese rebrand draws inspiration from place of origin

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Cheese is a stable in the British diet, with Britain having approximately 700 distinct local cheeses, according to the promotional and educational body for cheese within the UK, the British Cheese Board.

Cornish cheddar cheese brand Davidstow, which is named after its place of origin, a small village in Cornwall, has collaborated with strategic brand design agency Brand Opus, to update its packaging and overall brand identity, offering a refreshed look to its loyal following and attracting an even bigger customer base.

Kate Jones, design director at BrandOpus says, “A brand with so much culture and pride in their products provided so many rich elements to explore. Drawing upon and emphasising their unique provenance gave us the opportunity to refine and simplify the identity to create something iconic that stands apart from other cheeses.”

Drawing inspiration from Davidstow’s serene landscape, BrandOpus designed a visual identity that has at its centre the illustration of a sail boat against the Cornish coastline. On the boat, the date 1951 can be seen, referencing Davidstow’s date of establishment.

Carrying Davidstow’s 60 year-old heritage, Brand Opus managed to come up with a new brand that reflects the brand’s history, while at the same time has bee modernised to fit better into today’s market.

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