• Transform magazine
  • August 18, 2022


British-African TV channel Yanga! launches on Sky


Britain is one of the most multicultural and diverse countries in the world. As a result, the need for representation is fundamental for every business industry across the nation. The entertainment sector is no exception, with both international and local media channels actively trying to be inclusive to minorities in the recent years.

Darren Agnew Design & Animation’s (DADA) creative consultant, Darren Agnew, has revealed the brand design, tone of voice and image for Yanga, a new entertainment channel addressed to the African migration which has launched on Sky Channel 293.

Led by Agnew, Yanga’s branding has been significantly enhanced by DADA specialists’ contribution of directing live action and CGI, set design, character animation and visual effects production. The brand design also takes account of Yanga’s four original commission programme strands: Noni, Fizzi, Number 6 and Turn Up.

Agnew says, “We created a brand that represents and appeals to a contemporary British-African audience, with a subtle yet visually compelling ethnic reference. Using West African symbolism, we realised all positive icons shared a key visual characteristic. All are based on radiating shapes. Yanga is therefore rooted in this same bold aesthetic.”

Lindsey Oliver, managing director of Africa MediaWorks, adds, “Yanga embodies our aspiration to celebrate and show pride in all that we are – ‘peacocking’ but not arrogant, aspirational but not elitist, cutting edge yet inclusive. Bold, provocative, irreverent but always respectful, offering programmes of the highest quality. We want to be the brand destination which offers a platform for ground-breaking African talent. The brand DADA has created captures all of these things.”

DADA has also been responsible for the design of Yanga’s website, www.yangatv.com, and Yanga’s sales and marketing supplies.

Yanga is owned by Africa MediaWorks Ltd, a privately owned, UK-registered limited company. Its name means ‘self-pride’ and ‘showing-off’ in West African pidgin.

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