• Transform magazine
  • February 04, 2023


SyFy updates visual identity with genre-focused rebrand

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Since 1992, the primary TV domain for science fiction has been the SyFy channel. In the last decade, however, the channel’s programming has at times diverged from the largely esoteric fandom genre, opening its doors to mainstream opportunities ranging from manga and anime to WWE. Yet SyFy’s new visual identity and logo rebrand symbolises a quaint atavism that epitomises the channel’s broad following. As SyFy prepares to extend its core offering across the wider media landscape, its reinvigorated brand personality combines strategy and design, while playfully embracing nostalgia.

Under the ownership of NBC Universal, a subsidiary of Comcast Corporation, SyFY was originally branded as the ‘Sci-Fi Channel.’ In 2002 a rebrand dropped the hyphen and ‘channel’ wording from all visuals. Seven years later, Sci Fi rebranded to its modern moniker to avoid generalisations and further refine marketing by allowing for trademark rights. Yet the 2009 rebrand also exemplified the channel’s broader structuring, as its branding and design grew stronger and more established to take on TV’s big players. Thus, SyFy’s appeal to its target audience of fantasy and science fiction fell far by the wayside.

Working with NY-based creative branding agency, Loyalkaspar, the updated visual identity features new graphics, colours and a unique typeface. To compliment the transformation, Loyalkaspar developed a series of fast-paced idents, as well as a custom type family to push forward SyFy’s repositioning.

Daniel Dornemann, executive creative director at Loyalkaspar, says, “With SyFy shifting their focus to around the clock spotlight on all things genre, the convergence of strategy and design became the centre of the network’s point of view. It was a ‘personality-first’ approach, editorialising through voice and messaging and giving the brand a clear and visual voice. We created a simple, consistent system that incorporates extreme flexibility to let the message take centre stage and drive decisions.”

The rebrand will also see SyFy filter genre news through its online counterpart, SyFy Wire, with visual implementation in effect across all linear, digital and social platforms.