• Transform magazine
  • January 18, 2020


A sassier breed of potato

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Looking to branch out of the family farming business, fourth generation potato farmers Mike Russell Smith and Colette Cronje have created a new luxury crisp brand, Savoursmiths.

Brand design agency Mystery Ltd has helped with naming, brand identity, packaging design and print material for the new crisp venture.

The new venture offers customers a healthy, smart alternative to crisps often offered in supermarkets served in witty packaging with quality ingredients. Branded as a ‘better breed of snack,’ the aim of the sassy approach to the packaging is to convey the brand’s sharp wit and expertise in a playful way.

With slogans such as ‘tastier than the cat’s miaow,’ the vibrant, metallic packaging features an eccentric cast of characters including a peacock, fox, cat and cow poised in old school clothing. The potato spade is used as the golden emblem in the middle of the logo, symbolizing the family’s heritage and artistry in its homemade products.

The crisps are homemade and cooked in the farm’s own rapeseed oil, free of gluten, MSG and artificial ingredients. The brand offers four flavours: truffle and rosemary, parmesan and port, champers and serrano chili, and Japanese-inspired wagyu beef and honey mustard. The brand’s name incorporates the family heritage and the company’s origins at Russell Smith Farms in Cambridgeshire.

Savoursmiths co-founders Mike Russell Smith and Colette Cronje say, “This is an exciting new venture for us, with the launch of Savoursmiths, we are bringing something original, fun and exciting to the UK snack market. Savoursmiths meets consumer demand by introducing an innovative and epicurean offering that is produced with the very finest ingredients – potatoes and rapeseed oil harvested at the family farm, alongside luxurious international ingredients.”