• Transform magazine
  • June 15, 2021


Landor & Fitch develops new brand identity for global travel management company

TT 8 June FCM

Global branding agency Landor & Fitch has developed a new brand identity for global travel management company, FCM, which aims to celebrate the company's 'vibrant and unconventional spirit.'

The brand refresh seeks to reintroduce the company as the number one alternative to the mega Travel Management Companies (TMCs) as well as strengthen its position against new tech-only industry disruptors.

Previously, the FCM offer was diluted across multiple productized offers, each with their own brand. The various sub-brands created a more fragmented and complicated journey for  their customers, which is why Landor & Fitch focused on creating a new masterbrand-led architecture, strengthening customers’ relationship with the FCM brand across the entire offer.

Landor & Fitch introduced an electric green colour palette to create a distinct point of differences that would allow  FCM to stand out amongst competitors, ensuring that the brand is instinctively reconcilable with strong hero elements. The green is accompanied by neutral shades that help balance out its vibrancy.

The new tone of voice, ‘surprisingly smooth,’ allows FCM to communicate with a pace and focus that reflects their service. The tone aims to be simple, smooth but packaging the element of surprise, giving FCM a consistent yet different voice, with the power to cut through the sea of sameness.

The new brand is also rooted in the idea of ‘Think Fluid’ highlighting its alternative point of view, more flexible approach and its ability to enable greater agility for its clients. The DNA ‘we always find a way,’ aims to represent FCM’s ways of working and going above and beyond to create a seamless traveller-focused service that meets the clients’ needs.