• Transform magazine
  • October 22, 2020


Insights: The power of the brand logo

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In an era in which audiences shift, channels proliferate, and expectations evolve faster than ever before, what does it take to maintain the iconic status of a brand?

Brands and logos have become interchangeable terms and inextricably linked. The visual representation of a brand, its logo, can inspire powerful emotions based on a person’s interaction with the brand, either on- or offline.

All of the world’s most iconic brands have essential qualities that help them to remain relevant, drive business success and maintain their iconic status. In every case, the logo is the ‘voice’ for a motivating vision – visually connecting audiences to the heart of a brand’s purpose, so that the ‘Go Create,’ ‘Think Beyond’ or ‘Everyone is an athlete’ become tangible, believable and meaningful calls to action.

Looking beyond the logo, the brand experience must be delivered with a purposeful simplicity that satisfies both the functional and emotional needs of the audience: it must be intuitive, seamless and entertaining, no matter where an audience experiences it.

But how do brands achieve longevity and iconic status? For some brands, it’s about using their past. Brands that can powerfully leverage heritage in a modern context are often the ones that go the distance. However, no matter when they are created, brands become iconic by keeping it simple and real. More often than not it’s the system built around the brand that enables and drives a more profound connection with the audience. Their success lies in design created with real purpose: design that feels ‘real’ and engenders trust.

Good brand design works within the parameters of diverse ever-changing content: being flexible enough to adapt and evolve without the need for heavy intervention from brand ‘police,’ regardless of geographic location, culture or channel.

Trust is the key: building it, nurturing it and keeping it. It takes a lifetime to build a brand and a second to destroy it.  

Lee Hoddy is the creative partner at Conran Design Group