• Transform magazine
  • December 14, 2019


Australian internet company gets a makeover

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From being one of Melbourne University’s most profitable projects with the rights to manage .au domains, to becoming a global domains and hosting provider and market leader in the industry, Australian internet company Arq Group has managed to stay on top of its game.

Formerly known as Melbourne IT, the company has revealed a new brand identity, designed by Australian brand agency Hulsbosch.

 Martin Mercer, CEO at Arq Group, says, "The brand that Hulsbosch helped create with Arq Group brings to life our innovative spirit, and ambition to be Australia’s leading digital partner. It was a transforming journey that has resulted in world-class creative work.”

Since its establishment 22 years ago, the company had evolved so much that the previous visual identity no longer reflected what the brand now stands for. As a result of its impressive growth over the last four years in financial impact, staff, and its position on the ASX, the need for a brand repositioning was acute.

Hulsbosch revamped the brand identity to showcased the company’s core values in a simple and clear manner, a pattern the company also follows with the new logo as well as improve the brand’s user experience.

Arq Group’s new visual identity consists of modern and minimalist logo written in sans serif font. The illustration of the globe has disappeared, while the red colour that was dominating the previous logo is now used as an accent colour underneath the wordmark, in a simple curved line that resembles a smile.

Arq Group has now left behind a tired and unnoticeable brand that offered nothing new to the market, swapping it for a savvy, confident positioning that is unified, consistent and better suits a leading digital group.

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