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  • July 18, 2024


Emily Andrews

Expectations on digital experience


It is not enough to simply have a website anymore. Brands have to consider their online experiences to best communicate with their audiences and to create a consistent brand across physical, digital and other touchpoi...

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Brand experience: PNC Financial


To educate children about finance, American financial services company PNC uses its Christmas Price Index to create brand experiences that promote the brand’s reputation, engage children and educators in banking and e...

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Brands find love online

iPhone 5.jpg

One way of gauging public sentiment towards a brand is to measure interaction with it on social media. A list compiled by social analytics platform, NetBase, shows th...

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Brand in action: DuBox


Concrete composition Who: DuBox What: In line with a global shift in attitude towards more sustainable building practices, modular design and construction businesses...

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A modern love story

Shakespeare 2.jpg

On the 400th anniversary of his death, Shakespeare Lives shares the playwright's legacy and his British roots with the rest of the world. London-based branding ag...

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A playful brand experience


Toy manufacturing companies are enviably well-placed to create stories and immersive adventures around their brands and products, and have the opportunity to engage with people at the very outset of their life’s journ...

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Virtual branding


Sony’s virtual reality offering was always going to cause a stir, and its branding needed to match that expectation. Creative agency, Territory, was tasked with the c...

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M&A branding


In terms of mergers and acquisitions, 2015 was a huge year, and, with the HIS and Markit merger and Shell’s £40bn acquisition of BG Group, 2016 looks likely to follow suit....

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Villa brings its mane game


Aston Villa’s subtle, new badge, courtesy of SomeOne brand agency, builds upon the football club’s 142-year history, and the heritage that goes with it. A lion that d...

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Spotlight on JustProperty


UAE property website, JustProperty.com, was faced with the opportunity to captivate the sales and rentals market, it just needed a new brand. Emily Andrews reports on the site’s friendly new look and unique brand posi...

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