• Transform magazine
  • April 16, 2024


Villa brings its mane game

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  • AVFC 2.png

Aston Villa’s subtle, new badge, courtesy of SomeOne brand agency, builds upon the football club’s 142-year history, and the heritage that goes with it.

A lion that dominates both the old and the new badge symbolises traditional strengths and characteristics such as bravery, strength, valour and Aston Villa’s country of origin.

An artist and engraver helped to create the new, fiercer iteration of the Aston Villa lion. Focus groups found that fans wanted the lion’s claws to be more noticeable, since they felt that would better represent the spirit of the club. The shield, rather than the circular shape of earlier logo iterations, was preferred by the fans, and they opted to keep the star that represents the club’s European Cup win in 1982. The word ‘prepared’ is lost from the new badge, though it remains an important part of the club’s identity.

A wider brand toolkit includes textures, crops and details of the crafted lion in the signature Aston Villa colours, as well as a bespoke typeface and a claw-inspired set of icons.