• Transform magazine
  • February 23, 2020


Brand in action: DuBox

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Concrete composition

Who: DuBox

What: In line with a global shift in attitude towards more sustainable building practices, modular design and construction businesses are paving the way. Creative branding agency, Latitude, helped to create a brand identity for Amana Group company, DuBox, with the intention of positioning it as a market leader in modular construction in the UAE region
– the name ‘DuBox’ reflects the company’s Dubai roots, a region known for its booming construction industry.

How: Aside from more traditional implementations, the new DuBox logo was embossed onto the building block exteriors, as well as the tarpaulins that cover them as they travel by night – the tarpaulin logos were painted in luminous paint so that they would be visible in the dark. Antony Lawrence, managing director at Latitude, says, “We thought it would be very easy to do that,” but the first, hessian-type material used wouldn’t take the paint, and had to be replaced with a more plasticised material.
Like its architecture, the DuBox brand embraces simplicity, and its visual and verbal forms mimic the angles, materials and architectural lines of the DuBox building modules. The seamlessness between DuBox’s brand proposition and offering lent itself to effective implementation.

Why: In order to position itself as a leader in a new style of construction – within a region that prides itself on super-effective building – DuBox needed to be bold with its proposition, proudly positioning itself as an alternative, and better, option that is both more sustainable, more efficient and safer. Dubox’s logo iterations help it to take ownership of the modular approach.