• Transform magazine
  • May 26, 2024


Vitalin’s brand redesign embraces the British countryside

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Cranswick Pet Products’ dog food brand, Vitalin, partnered with London-based creative agency B&B studio to broaden consumer appeal while staying true to its ties with the British countryside.

With the help of B&B studio, Vitalin’s new visual identity and packaging sought to appeal to new dog owners while also maintaining its connection to British landscapes and locally-sourced ingredients under its new brand idea, ‘Vitality, from Farm to Tail’. 

The brand’s new icon features a silhouetted dog with a barn, aiming to reflect an outdoor, active lifestyle. Along with the icon, the project also includes a new logotype with a contemporary, yet refined, sans serif. 

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On the packaging, a colour coding system now differentiates recipes and shows off the company’s array of flavours. Countryside imagery futhers the brand idea with natural, bright and bold illustrations. 

A series of icons and a flag are placed on top of the pack as well, signalling product highlights and its distinctly British heritage.

B&B studio’s creative director, Jennie Potts, emphasises the importance of maintaining the brand's authenticity. She adds, “We've held on to the brand's pragmatic, no nonsense personality but given it a progressive feel to enable and inspire innovation."