• Transform magazine
  • July 18, 2024


Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity rebrands to boost fundraising

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Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity (GOSH Charity) partnered with creative director Stuart Gough, the brand narrative team at Pentagram and Jones Knowles Ritchie (JKR) to undergo a brand update. The charity hopes its updated brand will be more accessible, inclusive and symbolise the progress it drives for seriously ill children.

GOSH is a London charity that specialises in treating children with rare or complex illnesses. Its brand redesign, developed under the ‘courageous champion’ archetype, sought to evoke accessibility and inclusivity, and drew inspiration from the iconic logo’s heritage.

GOSH’s refreshed logo aims to retain the charm and authenticity of the original while introducing new elements for a digitally native identity system. The blue acts as the central colour to the new design system and aims to ensure consistency across touchpoints and to enhance recognition. 


The photography used in the rebrand shows GOSH patients in unposed moments with natural light to restate the mission and purpose of the organisation. Meanwhile, the new tone of voice works to emphasise collectivism, championing those who contribute to the charity.

Animal imagery is included in the rebrand, inspired by ward names at the hospital. Animating the animals aims to offer a sense of movement and togetherness while highlighting the brand’s renewed focus on childhood.


Emma Guise, director of marketing and communications at GOSH Charity, says, “Our refreshed identity, designed to be more accessible, inclusive, and digitally enabled, symbolises the progress we're driving for seriously ill children and underscores the collective role we all play in realising it. By empowering us to be more relevant, we aim to inspire both our current and new audiences to engage with our cause.

"Patient families at GOSH have been central to our decision-making process; their call for boldness and acknowledgment of the harsh realities of serious childhood illness resonated deeply. Furthermore, our unwavering focus on childhood and our pivotal role in protecting every aspect of it guided the essence of our new look and feel."