• Transform magazine
  • July 18, 2024


Phillips Auction House rebrands to convey its prestige

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London headquartered Phillips Auction House partnered with graphic design company Base Design to create a new identity system. Phillips hopes this adaptable identity will mirror the innovative spirit of the brand.

Phillips, based in London, is an auction house for art and design. It teamed up with Base Design to craft a new identity system to convey the brand's prestige and dynamism.  

The result was a minimalist rebrand, as expressed through the custom typeface ‘Phillips Distinct’. Derived from the Phillips logo, the typographic design aims to capture the brands' specialties such as 20th century and contemporary art, watches and photographs.


The new identity system allows Phillips to identify in various ways while maintaining a recognisable identity. The bold, modern identity is a stark contrast to the conservative aesthetic of competitor brands and aims to mirror the innovative spirit of Phillips Auction House itself.