• Transform magazine
  • August 12, 2020


Dubai International Airport rebrands as cultural hub


One of the world’s busiest airports repositions as a centre for culture, hospitality and entertainment.

Dubai International Airport has unveiled a rebrand by design consultancy Landor, introducing DXB as its new name. New technologies and changes will be introduced across the airport’s spaces to improve the passengers’ experience, including music, art and virtual reality events.

The identity comes with a fresh logo, bearing the letters DXB against a yellow background. The letters ‘d’ and ‘b’ stand on two parallel planes, to symbolise the encounter of cultures and civilisations at the core of the new brand. To promote brand consistency and fully embrace its revived personality, DXB’s old logo and identity have already been removed from the company’s websites and premises, marking a new beginning for the brand’s future.

The rebrand follows and celebrates the arrival of Dubai’s billionth customer, and it aims to reposition the company as a cultural hub for its travellers. Leaving the dated, flat identity behind, DXB’s new brand plays with bright, colourful visuals, reminiscent of the recent approach adopted by London City Airport. The move marks the company’s transition from a service provider to a consumer led brand, with repurposed spaces to transform the airport into a destination in itself.

DXB’s reinvigorated identity has the potential to stand out among other airport experiences. Although airports are usually ‘spaces in between,’ the strongest brands are the ones which can leave a mark in a traveller’s mind, leading them to occasionally choose a stop-over airport before the airline itself. Dubai International’s new brand stimulates that experiential feeling, in order to attract and appeal to more global customers in the near future.

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