• Transform magazine
  • August 06, 2020


Petbarn rebrand embraces pets’ peculiar personalities

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Petbarn has partnered with Landor to design its rebrand, bringing the company closer to the furry friends at the heart of the brand.

Specialty pet care retailer Petbarn has announced a rebrand by Landor, introducing a family of pets as the brand’s mascots. The rebrand aims to convey a playful personality, inspired by the same animals at the core of the business.

Petbarn wished to transform the rigid icon behind its old brand into a new identity breathing life and personality. Although the logo has mostly remained unchanged, Landor’s rebrand introduces a family of pets and gives each a name, animating them to replicate behaviours typical of their species.

Birds, mice, cats, dogs and lizards all come together in Petbarn’s new identity, which conveys the company’s love for animals and the lighthearted spirit at the core of the brand. To represent the pets, Landor has adopted a simple style of animation, with black, filled shapes acting as the animals against a yellow background.

The identity unfolds on several applications such as brochures, posters, delivery boxes and totes, and it has been extended to the company’s stores as well. The new family of animals is now showcased across all of Petbarn’s products and retail points.

While other pet retailers – such as Pets at Home and Pets on the Parade – hold on to a generic retail identity, this transformation allows Petbarn to stand out amongst its main competitors, with a bold brand able to convey new energy and fun to its prospective customers. Petbarn’s former rigid and anonymous identity was left behind, to open a new, high-spirited chapter in the brand’s future.

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