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  • November 19, 2019


Ragged Edge rebrands London architectural practice, Applied Studio

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Crafting a unique and compelling identity, which stands out among the melee of competing firms in London, can be challenging. To cut through the noise and secure recognition among a variety of architectural studios - some of which harness the well-recognised names of world-renowned architects - London-based architecture and interior design studio, Applied Studio, has rebranded. The company aims to demonstrate that, in a market as competitive as the UK's capital, producing work crafted to suit real-world living is perhaps the most important thing.

In a project led by London-based integrated branding studio Ragged Edge, the architectural firm previously known as PAC Architecture has completely overhauled its visual identity.Focusing on the new brand direction, ‘creative works,’ Ragged Edge has delivered a totally new vision for Applied Studio – beginning with its name. A nod to how the practice utilises real world experience to create visionary yet intellectually grounded buildings and structures, the new moniker is based on Applied Studio's ethos of delivering real substance to its clients.

Max Ottignon, co-founder of Ragged Edge, says, “Applied Studio brings together exciting, emotive design, with a hands-on, collaborative approach. It creates beautiful, pioneering spaces for people to enjoy. Places that work, effortlessly. We zeroed in on this visionary, yet practical ethos to coin the proposition, ‘creative works’.”

Visually, a new logo and typeface helps demonstrate the practicality and creativity which drive Applied Studio’s work. Playfulness and freedom is reflected by the circle; the right angle indicates functionality, a theme present across Applied Studio’s new digital offering, mobile-optimised platforms and physical touchpoints. Together, the shapes form an abstract image which demonstrates how space can manipulate form and function – two tropes intrinsic to the architectural profession.

And, Applied Studio and Ragged Edge have history. With Ragged Edge providing the strategy and branding behind innovative food and drink projects such as Soho crisp bar, Hipchips, and Fitzrovia fusion restaurant, Foleys, the projects came to life thanks to Applied Studio’s architectural know-how.

“Ragged Edge really got to the truth of who we are,” says Patrick Abrams, founder of Applied Studios. This latest collaboration sees Applied Studio propelled into the world of contemporary, competitive architectural practice, while remaining focused on the practical, realistic principles of its founding.  Abrams ends, “[Ragged Edge’s] deeply collaborative, strategy-first approach helped us unlock our unique brand offering and bring it to the fore. In an industry as competitive as ours, that’s priceless.”


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