• Transform magazine
  • May 25, 2024


The future of food brands


When it comes to food brands, the way that consumers experience taste is critical to the way they perceive the brand.

Taste is something that is heavily shaped by external factors and influences. For brands in the food and drink industry, understanding the complexities of people’s future taste preferences could give them the edge in a competitive market.

The Taste Mode Report, a Pearlfisher Futures Mode Report, is the second in a series of reports by Pearlfisher design agency. It explores four key areas of cultural change that are expected to have an impact on the way we experience taste in the future.

The study is expected to explore people’s growing occupation with healthy eating and healthy convenience food, and their desire to buy from socially conscious brands. Future brands may also turn towards branding that emphasises craft and intricacies of production.

The first Futures Mode Report, Body Mode, focused on the future of beauty, health and wellness brands. The reports provide examples of innovative design and ideas, including brands created by Pearlfisher for purposes of demonstration. Rather than being consumer-led, the report is supported by insights and viewpoints from leaders in the industry.

For more details about the Taste Mode Report, click here.