• Transform magazine
  • March 03, 2024



MoSEX reawakened


The Museum of Sex (MoSEX) in New York City has rebranded with bolder typefaces, framing erotic images relating to the history, science and culture of sex. This reviva...

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"Zee" new face of healthcare


Zocdoc, an online medical care scheduling service, has rebranded to further its vision of giving power to the patient. In collaboration with international creative ag...

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Trunki vs. Kiddee

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 13.01.31.png

Design rights battle reaches supreme court in London. The ruling may have implications for small creative firms that rely on design rights. Magmatic, a Bristol-based...

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Icelandair goes the extra mile

Stopover Buddies_image 1.jpg

Icelandair launches a new, free stopover service for passengers traveling across the Atlantic....

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Watch out for W

Watch 4.jpg

2015/16 may well be remembered as a formative period in broadcasting history, in which television channels of every genre decided to undergo significant changes to their visual identity....

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#TransformTuesday: 16 February

Transform Tuesday.png

Every week, Transform examines recent rebrands and updated visual identities. This week's picks are below. For more from #TransformTuesday, follow @Transformsays...

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Driving the future of typography

Rwnault 1.png

Typeface is ubiquitous, an integral component of every brand. Where a brand image communicates the theme of a company, lending a visual identity to its products, it is typeface that determines the brand’s sophisticati...

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Love swapping your home

beach huts.jpg

Over-priced hotels booked in advance, less-than-average hostels decided upon mere days before reaching a city, tents erected for the classic rainy family holiday. All have become staples of holiday-making – yet all mi...

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Channeling a new identity

Channel 5 - 4.png

Yet another UK TV channel has rebranded. This time, it’s the youngest of the main terrestrial channels, Channel 5. The channel had developed a reputation as the least...

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Millennial brands unite


In 2015, millennials surpassed Gen Xers as the largest generation in the US workforce. But what the term ’millennial’ stands for, and how useful it is as a defining term, remains hotly disputed....

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