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  • July 09, 2020



The whole world in your Palm


Once the darling of the telecommunications scene, and the stock market, Palm Inc. changed the world. It introduced the first mobile, digital planner/communications device. In the pre-smartphone age, Palm Pilots were f...

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The employer brand in Asia

Hong Kong Skyline.jpg

At a recent breakfast in Hong Kong, organised by theblueballroom and moderated by Transform magazine, employer brand practitioners gathered to discuss how much employer brand management...

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Five minutes with Robyn de Villiers

Robyn de Villiers.jpg

In her guest lecture for the Maggie Nally Memorial Lecture 2017, CEO and chairman of Burson-Marsteller Africa, Robyn de Villiers, discussed the opportunities facing PR and communications practitioners across Africa. H...

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Brand communications and the misrepresentation of women

I jiggle.png

David Ogilvy, legendary advertising figure, once said, “The consumer isn’t a moron, she is your wife.” The world has changed since Ogilvy’s 1983 treatise, Ogilvy on Advertising, was published, yet brands still haven’t...

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The Caburn code

Stop broadcasting.jpg

In the USA, almost two centuries ago, artist Samuel Morse, physicist Joseph Henry and inventor Alfred Vail pioneered an electric telegraph system through which messages could be sent and received over wide distances....

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Consulting on comms


PR and communications membership body, the PRCA, has changed its name to the Public Relations & Communications Association. The decision follows a four-month consultation involving members and non-members across e...

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Seeing red


CoInvestor, the alternative investment start-up from FinTech Innovative Lab, founded by Charles Owen in December 2015, has undergone a rebrand. It attracts private fi...

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Opinion: What does Microsoft's acquisition of LinkedIn mean for the two brands?

Screen shot 2016-06-17 at 12.51.28 PM.png

Earlier this week, one of the biggest online acquisitions of the decade was announced. In a surprise move, Microsoft confirmed it would invest a huge $26bn in purchasing business-based social network LinkedIn – a move...

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Branding with care

Bluebird nest.jpg

In the UK, vastly improved life expectancy can be heralded as one of the biggest triumphs of the past century. In 1916, the average person lived until around 50; now,...

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Time for change

Time out 1.jpeg

Time Out is a brand as synonymous with London life as tube trains, red telephone boxes, and the plethora of jellied eel shops once littering the city's East End....

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