• Transform magazine
  • February 22, 2024


Seeing red


CoInvestor, the alternative investment start-up from FinTech Innovative Lab, founded by Charles Owen in December 2015, has undergone a rebrand.

It attracts private financiers to co-invest alongside experienced managers and reduce investment risk. However, this young business now aims for greater brand awareness and recognition in order to attract more sophisticated investors and build upon its early success.

For this reason, major PR firm Bell Pottinger, has worked to create a new brand identity for this ambitious business and improve the web user experience.

The most prominent aspect of this new identity is the ruby red colour used for the logo; it is intended to become characteristic of CoInvestor and give the business a “strong market presence” in the financial sector, as the creative lead of the design division, John Gaskell, states. This red writing will be consistently used throughout all communications, in attempt to signify innovation and trust, both values that the business pride themselves on.

Therefore, Bell Pottinger has chosen to implement two interlocking circles into the first two letter of the logo which symbolically portrays a collaborative image, promoting another crucial value of CoInvestor.

Bell Pottinger has also devised a new marketing and communications strategy by generating an improved website, using UX and UI design. This makes information more interactive and ensures better accessibility for potential investors.

Gaskell says, “CoInvestor is a platform for sophisticated investors, and it was paramount the design reflected those values.” Thus, adhering to the company’s business philosophy to ‘invest with the experts,’ CoInvestor use its website to create a sense of sophistication and presents an image of proficiency. This is achieved by featuring images of people representing investors. These images could also provide familiarity to investors, making it more inviting, and giving a less computerised face to the company.

CoInvestor has already worked with some major fund managers, such as Oxford Capital, Oxford Technology and MMC Ventures. And recently, this fast-growing business has also signed a partnership with Chelverton Asset Management.