• Transform magazine
  • June 22, 2024


UK-based software specialists Aurum Solutions undergoes wholesale rebrand


The company turned to Yambo Studios, an Israeli CGI-driven design agency, along with Unset Studio to craft a radically revised brand. The project oversaw Aurum adapt its tone of voice, logo, website, imagery, colour palette, brand scent and company taglines.

Formerly known as Groupit, Aurum Solutions is a next-generation reconciliation software specialist. Having worked with a roster of high profile clients since its inception in 2004, including the likes of Ladbrokes, Admiral and Stonegate Group, the firm felt the need to refresh its brand identity.

With the updated brand hoping to future proof the firm, its creation coincides with the news that Tiago Veiga, formerly head of sales, has been appointed as the company’s CEO.

The new identity, which was crafted over a period of nine months, hopes to reflect the values and ambitions of the team at Aurum. Its core values of transparency, honesty, partnership and ownership were baked into the updated brand, including the tone of voice which hopes to add to a strong first impression with prospective clients.


In order to demonstrate Aurum’s knack for finding the exception, the new logo depicts an Excel cell with one corner of the rectangle differing from the other three. The new website, meanwhile, makes use of glassmorphism as a means of demonstrating transparency and honesty.

The updated colour palette includes a plethora of new colours ranging from purple to a blueish white. A new brand scent, which combines green tea, citrus and precious woods with white flowers and musk, was also included in the project as a means of evoking a calm working environment.

Aurum chief marketing officer, Vasco Vaz Rodrigues, says, “What started out as a simple branding exercise has transformed into the start of a new era for Aurum Solutions. Once we started the process, it quickly transpired how Aurum was presented to the outside world no longer reflected who we are as a business. For us, it has been so much more than changing colours here and adding a new logo there – we have completely stripped back, evaluated every element of our business and planned for the future.”